Weekly Articles

2018 Weekly No.39

GUIDESLINES FOR THE PREMISES COMMITTEE (as of 30 September 2018) Function of Premises Committee The function of the premises committee is to assist the Session in sourcing and negotiating a […]

2018 Weekly No.38

LESSONS FROM THE CLOUD Text: Exodus 40:34-38 The cloud which went before the children of Israel in the wilderness holds many precious lessons that are pertinent to the situation confronting […]

2018 Weekly No.37

THE BIBLE ON HOMOSEXUALITY The topic of homosexuality is hotly debated in Singapore in recent days. As Christians, we must respond to this issue biblically. What then does the Bible […]

2018 Weekly No.36

THE FEAR OF GOD (I) – WHAT IS THE FEAR OF GOD? (Synopsis of Message 1 of Tabernacle Bible Ladies’ Retreat 2018) It is sad that churches today seldom teach […]

2018 Weekly No.35

TESTIMONY OF DORCAS ANG (Life Bible-Presbyterian Church Weekly Vol. III No. 15, commentary Rev. Timothy Tow) I was called to speak at Tabernacle BPC’s 7th Anniversary last Lord’s Day. There […]

2018 Weekly No.34

THE LORD KNOWETH THE WAY OF THE RIGHTEOUS Text: Psalm 1:6a The LORD knows the ways of all men. Nothing is hidden from His eyes. He is omniscient (Psa. 147:5) […]

2018 Weekly No.33

MUSIC IN THE CHURCH Music has a unique quality to appeal to the senses of man. It is a powerful tool that can be utilised to convey and express ideas, […]

2018 Weekly No.32

A NEW SANCTUARY We moved into the Kabek Hall in the basement for our worship service last Sunday (05 Aug 2018). It is a newly renovated hall that can seat 120-150 […]

2018 Weekly No.31

LETTERS TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH (II) Text: Revelation 1:11-20 In the previous section we saw the Lord describe the seven churches of Asia as seven […]

2018 Weekly No.30

VIETNAM MISSION TRIP 3-7 July 2018 Testimony by sister Sarah Chng I went for this mission trip with the expectation that it was going to be like any other VBS […]