“And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:18-20

Church Evangelism

Monthly Church Evangelism: 1st Sunday of every month, around Toa Payoh.

Led by Pr Clement Chew, members of the church gathers to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the great commission.

Simei Care Ministry

Tabernacle Bible Presbyterian Church conducts a simple worship service at Simei Care Centre every month. The ministry starting in May 2009 headed by Elder Douglas to provide a place for the residents in Simei Care Centre to worship the Lord and also as an out-reach to the unbelievers there.

Simei Care Centre is a psychiatric rehabilitation centre aimed at achieving long-term recovery. Psychiatric disability refers to a wide range of mental health conditions and may significantly impair the person’s performance in major life activities.

The objective of this ministry is to build up and encourage the Christians in Simei Care Centre and also to spread the Gospel to the non-Christians. On the 3rd Saturday of every month, members of the church will serve the Lord there by preparing the place for worship as well as interacting with the residents to encourage them in the faith. Worship service starts at 10.30am.

On 26 Dec 2010, Sister Serene, a resident in Simei care Centre, was baptized in church. May this ministry continue to bear fruit for the Lord.

Simei Care Ministry 2019

Date Topic Speaker
19 January Parable taught by Jesus
(Matthew 15:15-20)
Elder John Leong
16 February Feeding of the multitude
(Matthew 15:29-38)
Brother Boon How
16 March Jesus Christ, Son of the living God
(Matthew 16:13-19)
 Preacher Jose Lagapa
13 April The best profit for man
(Matthew 16:24-28)
Elder John Leong
18 May 10th Anniversary Message Elder Douglas Ho
15 June Lesson taught by Jesus
(Matthew 17:24-27)
Brother Boon How


Tabernacle Bible Presbyterian Church sends out mission team to spread God’s word and to encourage the brethren serving the Lord overseas. We thank the Lord that we are able to serve the Lord in mission stations in Myanmar, Nias (Indonesia), Vietnam and Kemaman (Malaysia).

Below are the testimonies and reports from the mission field.

Kemaman Mission Trip (26 to 28 November 2014)

The testimonies below will testify of God’s goodness and grace to bless us in our recent mission trip to Kemaman to organise a 3-day VBS for about 50 children and youth. Immediately after the VBS, we had the Gospel worship service on Friday night and thank God for unbelieving parents of the VBS children who came to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. God is so good to give us good weather for the 3 day of VBS when the monsoon rain hit Kemaman the entire week before we came. The Lord also provided every logistic need to the by far largest team of 21 members who went for the mission trip. God works whether we have small or big number for His glory. All praise to the Lord!

Testimony by Sister Tammy Ho

Matthew19:14 “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Thank the Lord for enabling me to go and serve in the Kemaman VBS this year. Through it all, the Lord’s wonderful hand could be seen by way of His enabling during our preparation for the VBS as well as the process of it. The Lord is good and had led the team every step of the way. It is realised and acknowledged once again, that without His strength and enabling, we really can do nothing.

The Lord’s goodness was also seen in the number of children which came daily and one thing that has impressed me, was that these children would come for the VBS with eager faces each morning. I was much encouraged too, as I saw how our church brethren as well as the brethren from True Life BPC served the Lord and how especially the Lord had used Dr and Mrs Wee in this work all these years.

Despite my inadequacy or inability to speak Mandarin well, I was reminded that it is God who enables and our dependence must come from Him, especially if this is His work. Thank the Lord for the new children who came progressively during the next few days of the VBS, especially for the Pre-Primary class and for the Word of God which was given to them. As we are reminded that the Lord loves these children, His Word too would not return unto Him void. May we remember to commit the work in Kemaman in prayer.

Testimony by Brother Li Yahui

Thank God once again for this wonderful opportunity to serve Him with the like-minded brethren, and also for the fellowship with one other in the Lord in the Kemaman VBS. It is my second time to be there, and I have learned much from it. Here are some of the lessons which I have learned:

Firstly, the good timing of God. If you still remember in last year’s testimony I shared how the Lord helped us to be able reach Larkin five minutes before the coach left. And this year I want to testify the good timing of the Lord from the testimony of Dr. and Mrs. Wee. When 14 of us went on Monday, we helped to set up the house for the coming VBS. And on Tuesday, Dr. Wee drove some of us to a house of a sister of the church to help to move some of the furniture to the parsonage of the church. And in that afternoon, both Dr. Wee and Mrs. Wee testified to me that “the time of the Lord is perfect”. Why? Because after they just painted the parsonage, and wanted to get some furniture, so that it can be suitable for people to stay, no matter for preachers, or the residents during the flood season. At that time, a sister of the church sold her house and the furniture in the house are still in good condition and quality, and she called Mrs. Wee to bring whatever they need to the parsonage. And when they need manpower to move all of these things, the Lord sent us there. So they are so thankful for the Lord and His good timing in all things. When I heard these things, and I immediately recalled what happened last year (as I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph). Truly, everything is in the Lord’s hands, and He knows what is the best time for all things. Therefore, wait upon the Lord, you will see “…the good hand of my God upon [you]…” (Neh. 2:8).

Secondly, God answers prayers. Before we went up, Elder John has emailed us that Dr. Wee requested us to pray for good weather for the VBS, so that the children may not be hindered to come to learn God’s Word. He also mentioned that it is the Monsoon season, and it has been raining for a few days already. We prayed, and the Lord granted us all good weather during the VBS, as well as the days ahead when we went and helped in some areas. I still remembered on Monday afternoon, when we first arrived at Kemaman, it was still raining, but after we arrived and settled down in the parsonage, the rain stopped. I still remember when I sat in the front seat of the van, I could see the sunset. And the good weather lasted all the way to Friday night, and when we finished the work in that place and about to make our way home, it started to rain again. For me, I knew that God heard and answered the prayers of His children, and blessed us with a few days of nice weather to do His work.

In addition, as the person in charge with the first group to go up, I was a little bit worried. Because I just had been there once, and that time we are with Elder John and taking the night coach. But when we prayed and committed our journey in His hand, He kept us and brought us to Kemaman safely. Thank God for this! Even though there are still many things to share, but one thing which I want to say finally is: Pray for the Kemaman children’s salvation. From the feedback of my class, the children are quite hardened towards the Gospel. Do pray that the Lord be merciful toward them, and through the teaching and preaching of His Word, they might find salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, pray for Dr. Wee and Mrs. Wee. May the Lord continue to strength them and use them for the extension of His kingdom. All glory be unto His Name!

Testimony of Sister Cong Hui

Thank God for this blessed Kemaman Mission Trip with many beloved brethren in Christ to share the Word of God with some local teenagers and witness for the Lord. It was God who made possible the way for me to go. He was also the One who strengthened me to complete the whole mission trip duty for His glory. There were a lot of difficulties, but there were also a lot of blessings for me to experience the grace of God in all kinds of situations.

This was my first time to join Kemaman Mission Trip. At first I wished to go as an observer since I was newcomer but God had different plans which He assigned me to be an assistant teacher in upper primary class. There were many unknown things ahead of me, and the most difficult and I cared about most was the unknown students which I will teach. I prayed a lot for these unknown students for there were much fear inside of me, as I have no confidence and no peace. This feeling did not disappear even after I prayed many times. This fear also urged me to prepare my lesson harder. Thank God, when I opened my mouth to pray and started the lesson with my students, I was filled up with the peace and strength of God. After the class, some people asked me how I made the class so quiet and the students listened attentively. I knew God helped my students and me. Now when I looked back, I could understand why God did not answer my prayer immediately. It was good and important for me to rely on God always and try my best to do my part. He also let me experience that His help was always in time.

This mission trip lasted for three days. I saw the work of God within the students. Their attitude towards the teachers and the Word of God has changed a lot. The theme of this mission trip was a man after God’s heart – David, which is an important lesson for all the believers. However it has been taught to students who were largely unbelievers. I once worried about this topic whether it is suitable for them. God did His own work to plant the seed of Gospel into the hearts of the students through the life of David. What I needed to do was to teach the Word of God faithfully, and God will take care of the rest. God used the attentive hearts of students toward His Word to encourage me to carry on. Within these days it was also a lesson for me to learn, to trust, to submit and to obey Him.

It was a trip to reach out to others and sow the Gospel to the unbelievers; it was also a trip to check myself. There were still many weaknesses within me, they affected my relationship with others and sometimes may bear bad witness for the Lord as well. I felt guilty and wanted to change. It was not for pleasing man and get a good name for myself but for the Name of the Lord. Thank God for many beloved brothers and sisters in Christ who helped me and also through them I learned a lot of precious lessons.

Once again, thank God for many blessed lessons in this mission trip. It will be one of my blessed memories. I also pray to God for the kids who have already listened to His Word that they may really understand it and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, which is the best gift from God for them at the end of this year. May all the glory and praise be unto the Lord and the blessings to the children of God. Amen.

Testimony of Brother Gideon Yeow

Thank God for the opportunity to serve God in the Kemaman mission trip. This is my first year serving in the Kemaman mission team and I have learned a lot of things from it. I am in charge of the outing together with brother Hong Hao and brother Daniel. We have to plan a game which has an objective lesson in the game to reinforce the Bible lessons that the children have learned. Although I cannot help out much in the planning, thank God that I can still help out on the actual day itself. It was very difficult carrying out the games as the wind was continuously blowing the balloons away to the roads while the other balloons kept bursting. Through this, we learnt that sometimes we have to be really flexible in difficult situations when serving God. Throughout the whole mission trip I was helping out in different areas such as carrying food, washing dishes and sitting in different lessons as I wasn’t teaching. It was difficult communicating with the children due to the language barrier, but with the help of other brethren who are more well-versed in Mandarin, thank God that we can explain the activities clearly to them. Lastly, I pray that through the VBS that we conducted for the children, they will learn to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. I also pray that I will have the opportunity to serve God in these areas in years to come.