Tabernacle B-P Church Camp 2018 Gospel of Jesus Christ (Click to know more) Tabernacle Bible-Presbyterian Church

2018 Weekly No.51

Testimony by Brother Puay Kim Hock for Believers’ Baptism Hi everyone, my name is Puay Jin Hock, I am very glad to share with everyone how I came to the […]

2018 Weekly No.50

THE LEGACY OF JOHN SUNG IN THE BIBLE-PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (An Abridgement of The Asian Awakening, pp. 59-67, pub. 1988 by Rev Timothy Tow) Though we have traced the origins of […]

2018 Weekly No.49

THE ASIAN AWAKENING (II) We continue our study of the Asian Awakening under Dr. John Sung. This time, we have an abridgement of Rev. Timothy Tow’s impression of the man. […]

2018 Weekly No.48

THE ASIAN AWAKENING The theme of this year’s church camp is “Revive Thy Church, O Lord!” As we embark for our annual spiritual retreat, it will be good for us […]

2018 Weekly No.47

BLESSED UNITY Text: Psalm 133 Unity is important in every organisation. A divided body will surely fall. The same is true for the church. When there is no unity, little […]

2018 Weekly No.46

SCHADENFREUDE? Text: Isaiah 15:5; 16:9-11 (Read Isaiah 15-16 for context) The term “schadenfreude” is often used to describe the pleasure or joy derived from another person’s suffering or pain. This […]

2018 Weekly No.45

SERVE THE LORD WITH GLADNESS (Synopsis of Message Preached at the Wedding Ceremony of Mr and Mrs Wee Bo Hao) It is our privilege and delight today to witness the holy […]

2018 Weekly No.44

JACKSON AHOY! We begin our first worship service at PSB Academy Stem Campus, Jackson Square. How did we end up at Braddell? In July 2018, Tabernacle Bible Presbyterian Church (TABPC) […]

2018 Weekly No.43

A CLOUD OF WITNESSES Text: Hebrews 12:1a Today is Reformation Sunday. It is also the day of our last worship service in Tabernacle BPC in Changi Bethany Church (CBC). How […]

2018 Weekly No.42

THE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP I have been much encouraged in recent weeks by some leaders of the Ebenezer Youth Fellowship who took initiative to enquire how they may improve in their […]