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2016 Weekly No. 29

THE SEVENFOLD WILL OF GOD (IV) The Permissive Will of God Sometimes troubles may occur in the believer’s life not because of God’s chastisement, but due to His higher hand […]

2016 Weekly No. 28

THE SEVENFOLD WILL OF GOD (III) The Punitive / Chastitive Will of God The punitive will of God involves God’s judgement over those who take Him lightly and question His […]

2016 Weekly No. 27

THE SEVENFOLD WILL OF GOD – (II) Desiderative Will The desiderative will of God refers to the goodness, mercy and longsuf-fering of the Lord in offering mankind His saving grace. […]

2016 Weekly No. 26

PSALM 23 THE PSALM OF PSALMS (by Rev. Timothy Tow from Meditations from the Psalms) What better title can we give to Psalm 23, not only for being the best […]

2016 Weekly No. 25

THE SEVENFOLD WILL OF GOD – (I) This week, I was privileged to speak God’s Word at the annual Ebenezer Camp. The theme of the camp was “Knowing the Will […]

2016 Weekly No. 24

PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE There are many issues surrounding children growing up in Christian homes these days that may draw them away from Christ and His Word. Some examples include high academic […]

2016 Weekly No. 23

WHAT MEAT ARE YOU LABOURING FOR? “Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which en-dureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto […]

2016 Weekly No. 22

SHOULD A CHRISTIAN DIVORCE? Text: Matthew 19:3-9 Divorces are on the rise in Singapore. The general divorce rate 1 in recent years is around 7 percent. This is a marked […]

2016 Weekly No. 21

THE DANGERS OF MODERN ENGLISH VERSIONS (II) Inferior Translators The next reason why Modern English Versions (MEVs) are dangerous lies in the qualifications of the translators. Many of these translators […]

2016 Weekly No. 20

TESTIMONY of brother Li Yahui I was brought up in a Christian family. Though I went to church with my parents, God was just someone whom I knew as the God […]