Tabernacle B-P Church Camp 2017 Gospel of Jesus Christ (Click to know more) Tabernacle Bible-Presbyterian Church

2017 Weekly No. 02

HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE! How time flies! We are now in the year 2017. Another year of learning, another year of labour for our Lord and Saviour Jesus […]

2017 Weekly No. 01

KEMAMAN MISSION TESTIMONIES 6-10 December 2016  Testimony by Elder John Leong Thank God for 9 brethren from our Church (including young Nathan Lim) who went to Kemaman Life B-P Church to conduct […]

2016 Weekly No. 52

TESTIMONY by Sister Mak Wai Fun for Adult Baptism When I was 13 years old, I first heard of Jesus Christ in Penang. My friend brought me to church and I […]

2016 Weekly No. 51

A READY SCRIBE Text: Ezra 7:1-10 Last Sunday, I was privileged to witness year-end dinner of the Taber Tots class. We thank God for the three students in the Taber […]

2016 Weekly No. 50

LOOKING FOR THAT BLESSED HOPE (TITUS 2:13) Reminiscences of Tabernacle BPC Camp 2016 How time flies! Church camp is now over. It was a blessed time of fellowship around God’s […]

2016 Weekly No. 49

MUSTARD SEED BIBLE-PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Today, we reproduce two correspondences of Preacher Li Ya Hui with the Session of Tabernacle BPC concerning the founding of new work in China. They have […]

2016 Weekly No. 48

OFFER UNTO GOD THANKSGIVING! (Psalm 50:14) The United States of America celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. The first thanksgiving was conducted in October 1662. About 90 […]

2016 Weekly No. 47

TRUTH AMIDST DISINFORMATION We live in a world full of disinformation and misrepresentation. An uproar over the proliferation of fake news in both traditional main-stream and social media has been […]

2016 Weekly No. 46

DON’T STOP PRAYING! Text: Luke 18:1-8 Praying to God is a wonderful privilege given to all Christians. Only the saints can have access to God’s throne of grace. Alas, believers […]

2016 Weekly No. 45

MISSIONS REPORT by Preacher James Tan- October 2016 Bible College of East Africa (Tanzania) Thank God for the opportunity to spend three weeks at BCEA (Tanzania), the sister college to the […]