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2017 Weekly No. 50

PREACHER’S CHAT Dear Readers, We thank God for the church camp that has just passed. I am especially encouraged to see many of the brethren encouraging one another “to press […]

2017 Weekly No. 49

REFORMATION PILGRIMAGE VIII – JOHN KNOX Two weeks ago, we studied the life of George Wishart, the forerunner of the Scottish Reformation. Today, we will consider the man that is most […]

2017 Weekly No. 48

CHRISTIAN CONTENTMENT [Summary of messages preached / taught during the Ladies Bible Fellowship Retreat 4-6th September 2017] Main Messages: Christian Contentment The Need for Contentment: The Sin of Materialism (1 […]

2017 Weekly No. 47

GEORGE WISHART  When we study the Scottish Reformation, John Knox would most certainly be discussed. However, before we consider the life and impact of John Knox, it is best for […]

2017 Weekly No. 46

LESSONS FROM THE PEASANTS’ REVOLT A few weeks ago, we watched a video on the life of John Wycliffe as part of this year’s Reformation Programme. We saw how Wycliffe […]

2017 Weekly No. 45

THE CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT AS I SEE IT By Timothy Tow (Edited from Vol. XXIII No. 12, 1st November 1987 of Life BPC Weekly) The present day Charismatic Movement may be […]

2017 Weekly No. 44

A TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY REFORMATION MOVEMENT! Today is Reformation Sunday. It is especially significant this year as it is the 500th year since Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the […]

2017 Weekly No. 43

TWO DEVOTIONS FROM THE GOSPEL OF LIFE As today is Gospel Sunday, I thought it fit to publish two adaptions of Rev. Timothy Tow’s devotions found in his book The Gospel […]

2017 Weekly No. 42

REFORMATION PILGRIMAGE – CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY THE MEN OF CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 after some academicians left the city of Oxford due to disputes with […]

2017 Weekly No. 41

REFORMATION PILGRIMAGE – OXFORD UNIVERSITY WILLIAM TYNDALE William Tyndale was another distinguished alumnus from Oxford University. According to tradition, he was born in North Nibley some 100 years after John […]