2018 – ‘Revive Thy Church O Lord’
Theme Messages by Rev Joesph Poon
1 The Fierceness and Favour of God
2 The Cause of God’s Anger
3 The Cry for Revival
4 The Cost of Revival
5 The Results of Revival
6 The Purpose of Revival
Message Notes/Questions
Morning Devotions by Pastor Clement Chew
1 The Honoured Servant – The Requirement
2 The Honoured Servant – His Destination
3 The Honoured Servant – His Honour
2017 – ‘Holding Forth the Word of Life’
Theme Messages by Pr Clement Chew
1 Holding Forth in the Gospel Work
2 Holding Forth Amid Tribulation
3 Holding Forth With the Same Mind (I)
4 Holding Forth With the Same Mind (II)
5 Holding Forth in Spiritual Knowledge
6 Holding Forth in Spiritual Progress
7 Holding Forth in Unity
8 Holding Forth in Sacrifice
9 Question & Answer
Morning Devotions by Preacher James Tan
1 The Missionary Servant
2 The Missionary Shepherd
3 The Missionary Service
2016 – ‘Looking for that Blessed Hope’
Theme Messages by Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
1 Requires Godly Leaders
2 Requires Rebuke
3 Requires Sound Doctrine
4 Requires Sound Mind
5 Requires Sound Service
6 Requires a Holy Life
7 Requires Patient Witnessing
8 Requires Salvation
9 Requires Good Works
10 Choosing Your Master
Morning Devotions by Preacher Clement Chew
1 He Does the Will of God
2 He is Ready for Christ’s Coming
3 He is a Faithful Servant
2015 – ‘Christ, Head Of The Church’
Theme Messages by Rev Paul Cheng
1 Christ is Over All
2 Walk Worthy Of Your Calling
3 Walk In Unity
4 God’s Gift To The Church
5 Building The Church – Spiritual Leaders
6 Building The Church – Growing Christians
7 Evidences Of The Old Man
8 Evidences Of The New Man (1) (recording is incomplete)
9 Evidences Of The New Man (2)
10 Serving God With An Undivided Heart (recording is incomplete)
Morning Devotions by Preacher Clement Chew
1 The Backslider Described
2 The Backslider Chastised
3 Restoring The Backslider
Workshop by Rev Paul Cheng
1 The Beauty Of The Word
2014 – ‘Effectual Fervent Prayer’
Theme Messages by Preacher Joshua Yong
1 Effectual Fervent Prayer
2 Power in Prayer #1
3 Power in Prayer #2
4 Hindrances to Prayer
5 God Answers Prayer #1
6 God Answers Prayer #2
7 Knowing that God Knows
8 Lord, Teach Us to Pray #1
9 Lord, Teach Us to Pray #2
10 Our Confidence in Prayer
Morning Devotions by Preacher Clement Chew
1 The Man who Prayed Unceasingly
2 The Man who Interceded
3 The Man who Prayed Imprecations