2018 – ‘What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?’
Theme Messages by Pr Joshua Yong
1 Fear the Lord Thy God
2 To Walk in All His Ways
3 To Love the Lord Thy God
4 To Serve the Lord Thy God
5 Keeping the Commandments (1)
6 Keeping the Commandments (2)
7 What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?
Workshop by Rev Clement Chew
1 Wait on the Lord (1)
2 Wait on the Lord (2)
Morning Devotion by Rev Clement Chew
1 Submit to the Elder
2 Submit to One Another
2017 – “The Guide of Our Youth”
Theme Messages by Rev Das Koshy
1 Description of Backsliding
2 Divine Investigation of the Backsliders
3 Divine Indictment of the Backsliders
4 Divine Invitation to the Backsliders
5 Divine Instruction to the Backsliders
6 Divine Impunity Offered to the Backsliders
Night Messages by Pr Clement Chew
1 Be Brave
2 Obey God Rather than Man
2016 – “The Sevenfold Will of God”
Theme Messages by Pr Clement Chew
1 The Preceptive Will of God
2 The Directive Will of God
3 The Cooperative Will of God
4 The Desiderative Will of God
5 The Punitive/Chastitive Will of God
6 The Permissive Will of God
7 The Decretive Will of God
Workshop by Elder John Leong
1 Quiet Time
2015 – ‘The LORD is my Shepherd’
Theme Messages by Pr Clement Chew
1 My All Sufficient Shepherd
2 My Shepherd Feeds
3 My Shepherd Restores
4 My Shepherd Defends
5 My Shepherd Prospers
6 My Shepherd Forever
2013 – ‘A Light In Dark Days’
Theme Messages by Rev Dr Paul Ferguson
1 Tragic Consequences
2 A Heart That Is Fixed
3 A Painful Return
4 Providence At Work
5 Grace At Work
6 An Unusual Proposal
7 A Twist In The Tale
8 A Glorious Finale
Night Messages by Preacher Dennis Kabingue
1 Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
2 Living For Jesus
2012 – ‘Purpose To Purity & Purity In Practice’
Theme Messages by Preacher Ko Lingkang
1 Purposed To Please God
2 Purposed To Holiness
3 Purity: Not One Sin!
4 Purity: Not One Sinner
5 Purity: An Ordered Life
6 Purity: An Ordered Mind
7 Purpose To Purity: Initiated
8 Purpose To Purity: Fulfilled
Night Messages by Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
1 Purity In Life
2 Purity In Service
3 Purity In Prayer