2021 – ‘Abiding In Christ’
Theme Messages by Pastor Clement Chew
1 In Whom Do We Abide
2 Purging When We Abide
3 Fruitful When We Abide
4 Abide In His Word
5 Abide In His Love 1 – Love The Lord
6 Abide In His Love 2 – Love One Another
Workshop by Dr Jose Lagapa
1 Dinosaurs: Evolved Or Created?
Morning Devotion by Bro Kelvin Li
1 Study As A Priest!
2 Speak Up As A Prophet!
3 Serve As A King!
2019 – ‘Life of Hezekiah: The Trying of Your Faith’
Theme Messages by Pr Ko Lingkang
1 Faith Initiated: Ready to Worship the Lord
2 Faith Exhibited: Seeking The Lord with All Your Heart
3 Faith Tested: How Will You Respond under Pressure?
4 Faith Proved: Submitting to the Lord No Matter What
5 Faith Neglected: Compromise through Complacence
2018 – ‘What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?’
Theme Messages by Pr Joshua Yong
1 Fear the Lord Thy God
2 To Walk in All His Ways
3 To Love the Lord Thy God
4 To Serve the Lord Thy God
5 Keeping the Commandments (1)
6 Keeping the Commandments (2)
7 What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?
Workshop by Rev Clement Chew
1 Wait on the Lord (1)
2 Wait on the Lord (2)
Morning Devotion by Rev Clement Chew
1 Submit to the Elder
2 Submit to One Another
2017 – ‘Love of Christ’
Theme Messages by Pr Joshua Yong
1 Knowing the Terror of the Lord
2 The Love of Christ Constraineth
3 The Concern of Love
4 The Knowledge in Love
5 The Ministry in Love
2016 – ‘Wholly Committed to God’
Theme Messages by Rev Quek Suan Yew
1 Wholly Committed to God in Salvation
2 Wholly Committed to God in Service
3 Wholly Committed to God in Life
4 Wholly Committed to God in Love
Workshop by Preacher Clement Chew
1 New-Evangelicalism
2015 – ‘Consecration & Sanctification’
Theme Messages by Elder Chew Chong Kiat
1 Message 1
2 Message 2
3 Message 3