2017 – ‘Love of Christ’
Theme Messages by Pr Joshua Yong
1 Knowing the Terror of the Lord
2 The Love of Christ Constraineth
3 The Concern of Love
4 The Knowledge in Love
5 The Ministry in Love
2016 – ‘Wholly Committed to God’
Theme Messages by Rev Quek Suan Yew
1 Wholly Committed to God in Salvation
2 Wholly Committed to God in Service
3 Wholly Committed to God in Life
4 Wholly Committed to God in Love
Workshop by Preacher Clement Chew
1 New-Evangelicalism
2015 – ‘Consecration & Sanctification’
Theme Messages by Elder Chew Chong Kiat
1 Message 1
2 Message 2
3 Message 3
2012 – ‘Let Us…’
Theme Messages by Elder John Leong
1 Our Salvation In Jesus Christ
2 Our Growth In Jesus Christ
3 Our Accountability In The Family Of Jesus Christ
4 Our Service And Walk In Jesus Christ
5 Unto You Therefore Which Believe He Is Precious
2011 – ‘The Person & Ministry of The Holy Spirit’
Theme Messages by Preacher Joseph Poon
1 The Person of the Holy Spirit
2 The Works of the Holy Spirit
3 The Doctrine of Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
4 The Holy Spirit at Pentecost and Salvation #1
5 The Holy Spirit at Pentecost and Salvation #2
6 How to have a Victorious Christian Life?