TESTIMONY by Sister Mak Wai Fun for Adult Baptism

When I was 13 years old, I first heard of Jesus Christ in Penang. My friend brought me to church and I enjoyed listening to the stories of Jesus. I felt an unspoken comfort and joy. However, my family moved to Singapore and I stopped attending church since then. Thanks be to God for sowing the gospel seed in my heart at a young age.

From then on, I followed after my parents in idolatrous worship even though I did not believe in the idols or the superstitious beliefs. I did not believe that I was worshipping God, but merely did as my parents instructed.

A year ago in November 2015, my granddaughter invited me to Tabernacle Bible-Presbyterian Church for a Gospel Sunday service. I was glad and excited to go! Praise the Lord for sending the Holy Spirit to work in my heart. After the worship service, Elder John asked me if I was willing to accept Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Lord and Saviour. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I said the sinner’s prayer, acknowledging that Jesus Christ paid for all my sins with His precious blood! Joy and peace filled my heart when I knew all my sins have been washed white as snow by the precious blood of Christ.

After being born again, I thank God for His leading to worship Him in Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church. I look forward to worshipping God every Lord’s Day and enjoy singing hymns and listening to the Word of God. Even though my memory is deteriorating, I find comfort in the hymns and have great peace in my heart.

I thank God that I am able to learn more about God through the monthly Basic Bible Classes conducted by Elder John. After the first lesson about learning who God is, I understood that there is only one Living and True God. I decided to dispose of the idols that I have kept for the past few decades. I understand that God is a Spirit and I should worship Him in spirit and in truth, not worship idols made with hands. I thank God for good eyesight and strength daily to do my morning devotions. By the enabling of the Holy Spirit, I am learning how to pray too. In the first few lessons of the Bible study, I did not know how to pray but now I am able to say a simple prayer on my own. Praise the Lord that I am growing in my faith and I am able to seek His grace through prayer.

I am 83 years old this year. All glory be to God for His wondrous gift of salvation, for calling me to salvation and not passing me by even at this age. I hope to receive baptism to share my story and be a testimony for Christ. I pray that my testimony will encourage my children and friends to seek the LORD for He is good and His love endures forever.



Testimony by Brother Tan Beng Hock for Adult Baptism

I came from a non-believer family and from young we were brought around to Taoist temples, Buddhist temples and mediums for worship at their different altars. My knowledge of religion was zero as only superstitious thoughts govern my life. This went on all the way until my adult-hood. I did not pursue the issue further as I married young, and most of my time were devoted to work and bringing up my family of three kids with my wife. But I always have one unanswered question “What will happen to me when I die?”

I cannot remember when was the first time I was exposed to Christianity, but I think it was my boss who would occasionally email us certain Bible verses to encourage us when we faced problems in our work. He also passed a video clip on Christianity versus Science for me to watch and after watching the 28 chapters, I found logic and truth in the explanation regarding the creation of this world. It must be God’s timing that during this same period my daughter Shermaine had just believed in Jesus Christ. She would always en-courage my wife and I to attend church service with her. Whenever there was a Gospel service, she was very persistent to ask us to attend.

Then came the time where I started to fetch Shermaine from Tabernacle BP Church. I will always wait at the car park for her to finish her service. Elder John and Miriam would always approach me to join the Sunday service. I did not accept immediately as I was still struggling whether to give myself the chance to attend at least once. My thought on Christianity started to grow especially after attending Shermaine’s baptism service and I told myself that I must start my spiritual journey by attending church service. In fact, the Bible that I am using until today was given by Miriam, but regrettably I have not really read it in depth and detail. At least now I know the significance of being a believer of Jesus Christ whilst previously I do not know the meaning at all when I was worshipping idols.

After attending almost one year of church service and listening to many sermons, I am very sure it is time for me to believe in Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord. The Bible teaches many things that touch my heart. Many things happened in this world that science cannot explain and I believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Almighty Creator in the uni-verse. I have many considerations when I embarked on the journey towards baptism but thank God that I met believers along the way who have given me so many insights concerning the Christian faith. I remembered vividly Elder John encouraging me to attend the Basic Bible Course early this year to prepare myself for baptism even though I was not exactly ready then.

My life was filled with God’s blessings — a good wife, three wonderful children, a good career and other earthly possessions. All this do not just come by chance, it must have being designed and planned by my Almighty God. What more can I ask for than to declare my faith in Jesus Christ and obey my Lord in baptism? It is not easy to be a faithful Christian but I will strive by God’s grace to be one gradually, everyday step by step. Pray for me. I trust God to keep me faithful to Him all my life.