Hebrews 2:3, ‘How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard Him?’

“How do you do?” is normally the question which we would ask people. A question like this may not be the most important question other than it being useful for our daily conversations with people. However, there are questions that matters in life and death, and in unforeseen and unexpected circumstances. In a recent documentary on Channel News Asia about the 911 attack, there were recordings of telephone conversations of people in the twin towers before it collapsed to dust. When they realized that the buildings were going down, they quickly grabbed their phones to call their wives and children to tell them how much they loved them.

It would make anyone’s hair stand when one realizes that a typical day of work for many young men and women; would turn out to be their final working day. You and I would imagine that hundreds or thousands of these young men and women had earlier greeted one another with “Good Morning” or “How do you do” and perhaps conversations about the weekend activities, their recent holiday trips abroad or to check with one another how the stocks and shares in the NY Stock Exchange were doing and so on.

However, before the first sip of hot coffee or tea; getting the phones and computers working, a very loud blast of noise is heard and the shakings of the building could be felt. And in no time, they realized that their lives were in great mortal danger. A lady executive in distress on the 105 floor was together with others and they were searching for an escape route. And at that moment of time, the greatest question was not, “How do you do?” but “how to get out of this place?!”  If she did, it would be the greatest escape of her life.

What does Hebrews 2:3 ‘How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation’ reminds us of? Surely we are not to think of the 911 incident but to consider something more awesome and dreadful. If Paul reminds us that we all need to escape, he is not talking about the earthy smoke and fire but to escape from the fire and the brimstone of everlasting damnation.

What is the greatness of salvation?

Rev. Maurice Roberts says, “The greatness of the salvation of God is about the Christian life and the Christian faith. The Christian life is a way of escape from the wrath of God and the Christian faith is the means appointed by God to have the peace of conscience; joy of the Holy Spirit; assurance of their position of son-ship and hope of entering from death to heaven through Jesus Christ.”

What does neglecting so great salvation means?

The word “neglect” means not paying attention to and the main reason that people neglect the gospel is because they do not take seriously what the Bible says about eternal punishment. A few nights ago, I was buying some snacks at the “Pasar Malam”. A young man doing credit card promotions told me that he was becoming a Christian “soon” because he has recently come to know a girl who goes to church. Many had said they are going to be Christians “soon” and never realized that the “soon” may never come. “Soon” is like men and women chasing the dreams to be rich, famous and powerful but no matter how fast they may run after them, they never seem to catch them. “Soon” I will become a Christian may never come to them for they are chasing the things of the world.

If we neglect so great the salvation of God; one thing can be certain and that is we cannot possibly be saved. And Hebrews 2:3 has reminded us exactly what we are to escape from. Rev. Maurice Roberts says that the best way of escape from the wrath of God is through His love and nothing else.

Pastor Douglas Ho

Children’s Day Outing 2010

‘Oops! You mean 2nd October is 3 weeks later?! I got to start planning!’ I exclaimed in horror as I stared at my desk calendar.

I thank God for the opportunity to plan this year’s Children’s Day outing. The planning itself was thankfully not a daunting task. Especially with the support and help from Aunty Keturah, things could only be easier. However two days leading up to the actual event, I fell ill. Thank God for the grace and strength.

There is a whole list of people I would like to thank God for. Without them, the outing would not be how it had turned out. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Aunties Veron, Kezia, Ms Liaw, sisters Bee Pheng and Shu Hui for preparing the food and ensure there was a variety to choose from! It was a sumptuous spread with much to spare. The Lord blesses your labour of love and grants you much wisdom as you teach the bundles of blessings He has entrusted to your care.

The endless flow of refreshing drink was superb from Uncle Shiang Shin and Aunty Ai Ping. No one else would have done a better job than you guys, the husband and wife team!

Many thanks for uncles John, Alan Yeow and sister Bee Pheng for your willingness to help in the transport (and message given by uncle John) even though it was an eleventh hour request.  Much appreciated!

Pastor Ho, aunties Keturah, Deborah, brothers Alan Tan, Hong Hao and Nick had put on the final touches to make this outing a perfect one for the children. May His favour be with you always!

Last but not the least, may all the Tabernacle Children grow to love the Lord all the days of your lives as you learn His Word and what He has done for you.

P.s.: To the Tabertots kiddos, S.H.E. + 2 As – No words can express my relief when I saw how all of you, though young and tender in age were so courageous! Your “support” during self introduction is something I will never forget.

Luke 2:40, ‘And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.’

His unworthy servant,
Sister Lingqin