Tabernacle B-P Church
Personal Data Protection Policy

Purpose of collection and disclosure of your Personal Data
a.  Your personal data will be collected and maintained pursuant to our church constitution 11.11.1 which requires us to keep “An up-to-date Register of Members with full particulars of name, address, date and place of birth, baptism, reaffirmation of faith, transfer, marriage, death or dismissal”.
b.  Your personal data will also be used to contact you about any pastoral concern, church-based activities and events like vigil service, church camp, special church programmes etc.
c.  Your personal data will be collected to register for church organised events and used for the purpose of transport, meals, grouping, logistics and any other administrative arrangements.

Care for your Personal Data

a.  The church will exercise utmost care and protection of the personal data that are in our possession.
b.  All personal data will only be used and disclosed to the people they are intended for.
c.  All personal data will only be accessed by the authorised person(s) for the purpose specified.
d.  All personal data will be updated and will remain in our possession for purpose of historical record, follow-up, future reference and verification.

Access to Personal Data
a.  If you need to check or make any correction to your personal data, please contact the church Data Protection Officer (DPO):

         Tabernacle B-P Church
         Mailing Address: My Mail Box 880251, Singapore 919191

b.  If you have any questions and feedback regarding the church personal data policy, you can contact:

         Tabernacle B-P Church
         Mailing Address: My Mail Box 880251, Singapore 919191