We thank God for enabling the ladies of Tabernacle BPC to come together, in the learning of God’s Word every second Saturday of the month at 7.00pm. It is our desire that we would be built up in the most holy faith through the Word of God, and that we may learn to submit and walk closer with Him.

The objectives of the Ladies’ Bible Fellowship are:

  1. To build up one another’s knowledge of God and His Word through the study of God’s Word, where our lives would be changed and strengthened.
  2. To encourage the ladies to exercise the daily studying of His Word.

We welcome all ladies to join us.

For more details, please refer to Sister Tammy Ho

Email: tammy_ho2003@yahoo.com.sg

HP: 9383 0657


Programme for 2023

Date Topic Speaker
14 January 8th Thanksgiving Service
A Carnal Christian?
(1 Cor 3:1-3)
Pastor Clement Chew
11 February Dealing with Weariness
(Isa 40:27-31)
Preacher David Chew
11 March Dealing with Anger
(Prov 14:6-7)
Pastor Clement Chew
8 April Dealing with Anxiety
and Worries
(Phi 4:6-7; Matt 6:25-34)
Preacher David Chew
13 May Gospel Meeting Pastor Clement Chew
10 June Dealing with Low Self-Esteem
(Rom 12:1-16)
Preacher David Chew
8 July Dealing with Fear
(Ps 56:1-4)
12 August Dealing with Loneliness
(Deut 31:6-8)
Preacher David Chew
9 September Dealing with Depression
(Ps 42)
Pastor Clement Chew
14 October Dealing with Disappointment
(Prov 3:5-8)
Pastor Clement Chew
13 November Ladies Bible Retreat Brother Kenny Cheong
9 December Gospel Meeting TBC