2017 – ‘Christian Contentment’
Theme Messages by Rev Dr Prabhudhas Koshy
1 The Need for Contentment: The Sin of Materialism
2 The Basis of Contentment: God’s Promise
3 Nurturing a Contented Life
4 Workshop – Waiting on the Lord
Morning Devotions by Bro Samuel Joseph
1 God’s Enduring Word
2 Desiring God’s Word
Workshop by Sis Helen Wee
1 Qualities of a Christian Wife


2016 – ‘A Study on the Book of Ruth’
Theme Messages by Preacher Joshua Yong
1 Choosing to Follow God
2 Trusting in God’s Providence
3 A Virtuous Woman
4 Obedience is Key
5 God is in Control
Morning Devotions by Preacher Clement Chew
1 Morning Devotion 1
2 Morning Devotion 2