Beloved Brethren,

I was at Kemaman Life BP Church last Friday to preach God’s Word to the Church. Thank God for journey mercy and good rest for 2 nights on the coach to and fro journey of about 8 hours each way. It is always a joy to serve the Lord especially to be able to minister to small churches overseas with greater needs.

Thank God that our Church has been used by the Lord to help Kemaman Life BP Church to organise their annual Vacation Bible School (VBS). For the brethren who have gone to Kemaman to serve, there is always the joy of the Lord that we can be channels of blessings from God to them. God willing, we will go again this year 30 November – 2 December to organise the VBS. Will you avail yourself?

Let me share to you a little of the history of this small church in Kemaman. The Church has a humble beginning in 1994. God led the late Rev. John Ling to start this witness in Kemaman with the help of the late Rev. Dr. Timothy Tow. When Rev. Ling went to glory, Kemaman Life BPC’s operation fell on the shoulders of Dr. and Mrs. Wee in 1998. Since then until today, this couple has held the fort and remained faithful and fervent in the Lord’s work in Kemaman. They truly love the Lord with their sacrifice of time and resources for the Lord and coupled with a wonderful hospitality ministry for God’s children. They allowed their home to be used for the weekly Sunday School and annual VBS and also take care of the preacher who travels every week from Singapore to Kemaman. They purchased property for the Church worship hall and also an upper room for travelling preachers.

The main ministry of the Kemaman Church is to share the Gospel to the children and teach them the Word of God till they are young adults. By which time, these people will most likely leave the small town of Kemaman to bigger cities in Malaysia for their further studies or career. The Kemaman Church’s calling is to be sowers of the Gospel seed. Hence, the Church will remain small and has to work hard to raise every new batch of young believers to maturity and then seeing them go away to another Church. However, Kemaman Church is happy that other Churches can reap what they have sown. All glory to God as we are all part of God’s work whether we sow or reap.

Today Dr. and Mrs. Wee are no longer young. Who will take care of the Kemaman Church in the future? What will happen to her? We can only trust God to lead and bless this Church and provide their needs. God will preserve His own Church who is purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ (Acts 20:28).

In this respect, we must also have the same assurance that God will take care of our Church. We are also a small Church and have different struggles and problems from the Kemaman Church. We must trust God that He will always lead us and is our Guide and Hope. May the Lord find us faithful. So dearly beloved, let us continue to press toward the mark as Apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:14, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Elder John Leong