Dear brethren,

Today is the special worship service for the celebration of this congregation’s 24th anniversary. God’s people in Tabernacle Bible-Presbyterian Church have spent over the past twenty four years together in different locations with different people at different times. My wife and I are a case of having been here for a little over four years. Some of you may have gone way back to the beginning, when Tabernacle started as a Church in June of 1987. Perhaps it does not seem that far back to you, because time has passed by so quickly. The words of the Psalmist remind us that, “We spend our years as a tale that is told” In other words, our days and our years are as brief as a story that is told, no sooner when it starts, it ends. The story of Tabernacle BPC started twenty four years ago and by God’s grace, will continue and will not end till God says so. As you continue reading this article, your thoughts may drift back to events of the past that relate to you. You may remember some of the earlier meetings such as “Care and Share, Agape, Fishers and Adult Fellowship” before “Shomerim, Ebenezer and Men and Ladies Fellowship” came into being.

You may remember the church outings and Christmas caroling in different locations of Singapore. You may recall the blessings of church camps and retreats. What about the trips and holidays that you took together with other families of the Church on various occasions? You and I will share precious memories of some who were once together with us but today are not by reason of departure with the Lord. To be together is not as easy as it sounds but how did we come together as a Church in the first place? It was the Lord who opened our eyes at different periods in our lives to discern His calling. And that was how we all got to be here the first place was it not? However, and without question, there will be differences between us on many things like food and clothes, music and hobbies, jobs and recreations and so on. But such are not the causes of conflicts amongst us. But differences that come from personal issues with others will be differences hard to ride over with. Is Tabernacle BPC spared and therefore she has gone forward as a congregation for 24 years? No, but it is because we have something in common that is bigger than all our differences. You and I have entered into God’s family by the only way, the Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t have a different Saviour than I have and I do not have a different Saviour than you have. And with this understanding, no one should think of himself to be superior to another and none to be lower than another is. Ephesians 2:19, 21 and 22, “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and of the household of God. In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.”

In any family, there will be differences amongst children from the same parents. In our childhood days we quarreled and fought with our brothers and sisters but it did not make us less than siblings with them. Likewise, the family of God is not spared of quarrels and fights but God desires reconciliation from His children. We are to remember that it was the Lord who brought us together into the Church. Definitely, we are different from one another in many ways but let us make an effort to resolve the differences that we have with one another because the Lord Jesus Christ says in John 13:34-35, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

Pastor Douglas Ho

Praise and Thanksgiving to God

Going way, way back to 1980, I was worshipping in Jesus Saves Mission with my son, Allan and his wife, Bernie. It was here, thank God, that we met Pastor Ronny Khoo. Then we helped the church to worship in Pastor Ronny’s home-church. Later, Pastor Ronny and I worshipped at Life BP Church. In 1988, Pastor Ronny left to found Tabernacle BP Church in Tampines Industrial Estate.

One day, he met me and asked me to join him. I hesitated, demurred and delayed. It was way out for me, as I was staying in Tanjong Katong. Moreover, the warehouse estate looked like a ‘ulu’ area. Like a maze, all the flats are alike.

Thank God for prompting me to leave Life BP Church to join Tabernacle BP Church. Later, after a few years, we had to shift to Salvation Army in Changi. To cut a long story short, God directed us to rent a modern-air-con church in Opera Estate.

Praise God that Tabernacle BP Church is blessed with youthful and energetic believers. It is like an iron sharpening a new iron or vice versa. By His mercy, all these years, God sustains and keeps me strong in Him. Despite the ceaseless opposition and persecution from my Catholic wife, God keeps me strong in my faith and health. In spite of my catalogue of ailments especially my heart-attack on 24 January 2009, hypothyroidism, hiatus hernia (which I had never heard of before), osteoarthritis etc., I can never thank and praise God enough for blessing me with mobility, a clear and sound mind and the equally precious and priceless gifts of the 5 senses. Hopefully, I can celebrate our 24th Anniversary Thanksgiving soon, as I live one day at a time.

I am also grateful to God for keeping me close to Him in good and bad times all these years. By His grace, I pray that I can continue to keep close to Him come what may. My ardent hope is to continue to pray for the salvation of all my loved ones, who are outside God’s kingdom. I pray I will continue to trust our Lord, our Rock, our Joy and our Pride. To God be the glory for all the great things He hath done. Finally, I will always remember, ‘And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful’ Colossians 3:15.

Brother Andrew Lum

I came to Tabernacle BP Church in early 1991 and at that time we were worshipping in a warehouse in Tampines. I trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ when I was a teenager and was baptized in a charismatic church. However, I had been firmly grounded in the faith. In fact, for many years I backslided and did not attend church. Though I might have forgotten Him, I am very thankful to God for remembering me and leading me to Tabernacle where God’s Word is loved, correctly and faithfully taught and held in highest regard. I also thank God for Pastor Ronny Khoo and Pastor Douglas Ho for their faithful service and their friendship in the Lord. Although people may have come and left since the early days, thank God that His church is preserved, His Word is preached and souls are saved as a result. Glory be to God.

Brother Ng Eng Lock

Tabernacle BP Church is now 24 years old and although it is the only church that I have attended on a regular basis, its growth means a lot to me. I first attended Tabernacle BP Church in November 2000, soon after acknowledging the Lord. It struck me as a church with a human touch. I remembered how brother Isaac Koh and Elder John Leong had made me feel at home when I first came. The warmth has gone a long way to helping me feel comfortable in God’s body of Christ.

Although I had started attending church, I was not growing too well spiritually. I had been ungodly, failing to pray and read the Bible regularly. I had been like a pig that returneth to the mud bath or a dog that went back to its vomit.

But this church is a biblical one and it has helped me grow. I started to pray and read the bible regularly. I feel that I am spiritually growing here. I am at peace with God. While my wife remains a non-believer, I have thorough understanding of God’s Word, striving to live peacefully with her. I have also been in my job for more than 21 years and had encountered few problems even till this day. The Lord has granted me a certain degree of tranquility to do well at work as I struggle to adapt. As I remain imperfect, I have much peace that I am able to understand God’s Word more and more. This is the result of the church’s biblical teaching from the pulpit and also many messages that I have heard.

Certainly, this is a church that the believers’ faith grows with the age of the church. While the congregation size has growth modestly, it is not the size that counts. At the end of the day, a good church is one that allows its members to grow spiritually. In this aspect, the church has done that. On its 24th anniversary, I wish and pray that I will be part of the body of Christ in Tabernacle till the day I am brought home or when Christ comes.

Brother Lim Yao Ho

Thank God for allowing me to testify for Him once again. Thank God for saving me and my 2 sons in 2006, allowing us to come to Tabernacle BP church. God has changed me, from someone who is too shy to share, to one who is willing to share about my broken marriage to testify for God. 1 Peter 4:16, “Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.”

Thank God that when my life is boring and void of meaning, He saved me, giving me a brand new life. Thank God that I can come out of my dull lifestyle, my broken marriage and suffering under my husband and mother-in-law. John 8:12, “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” Thank God that He is my shield; my heavenly Father. He sends help as I rely on Him. He gives me strength to carry the cross and follow Him. Thank God that I learnt from the broken marriage to look to God in times of distress and fear. I had to make decisions not only for myself but for my 2 sons as well. He reminded me of John 1:48, “…when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee.”  Indeed God is watching over me, and He knows all my problems. He is in control of my life, and prepares the path which I thread.

During this period of time, I gradually strayed away from God,  not wanting to  read my Bible or pray to Him.  But I thank God; He did not forsake me but supported me with His love. Thank God for Pastor Douglas Ho, Mrs. Ho, Elder John Leong and Assistant Pastor Yap Yee Kin for their encouragements and thank God for the brothers and sisters of Tabernacle BP Church for their concern and prayers. Thank God for a good friend who brought me to know Jesus Christ and prayed for me. Thank God for His grace.

Sister Jin Ye

Firstly, I would like to thank God for blessing me to be born into a Christian family. I cannot imagine where I would have been now if I was not born into a Christian family and had not become a Christian. Thank God for caring and godly parents who brought me up and taught me a lot from God’s Word. Thank God also for the church that my family belongs to, Tabernacle BP Church. Although it is a small church, it feels like a warm and close-knitted family where we are really brothers and sisters in Christ. I really enjoy the fellowship we have together, where we can help each other grow in the faith.

Thank God for sustaining the church for 24 years, and many more years to come, God willing. It is also the labour of love and diligent service of many uncles and aunties in our church that our church is where we are now. As I belong to the younger generation of youths in our church, I hope that we will be able to remain strong and consistent in the faith. I hope that we will be firmly built up in our knowledge of God’s Word and that we will be able to stand the test of time. May we be found faithful when the Lord returns.

Sister Esther Leong