Dearly beloved,

Psalms 142:4, “I looked on my right hand and beheld but there was no man that would know me; refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul”, was David’s complaint to God of the indifference of his friends when he needed help. What a contrast of men’s indifference compared to the  unfailing love of our God. He saw the hopelessness of sinners, fainting, scattering and without a Shepherd. Once again, the return of Christmas is to remind us of God’s greatest gift in our Saviour. In my years as a boy, I used to think that Christmas was about Santa Claus, Christmas trees and presents. In an era of radio broadcasting to be the ‘in-thing’, popular songs like, “Santa Claus is coming to town” and what I loved most, “Dreaming of a white Christmas” were aired daily. As I grew to mature in the faith, the emphasis shifted from “Dreaming of a White Christmas”, to what was to have the right Christmas. I realized that I was attracted to things in the Christmas season that had their origins in ancient pagan rituals and practices. The true meaning of Christmas is about God made flesh and such a view can only be understood if we understand the opening verses in John’s Gospel 1:1 to 3, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.”

1. ‘In the beginning was the Word’-It takes something visible to express something that is invisible and Jesus in the flesh to reveal the invisible God.

2. ‘The Word was with God’-The Lord Jesus Christ is co-equal and co-eternal with God.

3. ‘The Word was God’ -Jesus, essentially is God, the very God.

4. ‘The same was in the beginning with God’-The eternal generation and Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When we consider God who came in the flesh, we ought also to consider the purpose of His first advent.

Jesus came to give us life-we were dead men, women and children in the past.

Jesus came to give us strength-we had life but it was without strength, thus to live effectively for God was in vain.

Jesus came to give us joy-True joy is to know God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The world without the Saviour, needs a witness. Are you responding to the call to be a witness for Christ, to confront the unsaved with the greatest question, “what is truth?” The ultimate expression of truth in the Bible is what Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me”

Elder Douglas Ho


I grew up in a non-Christian family and at the age of 6, Aunty Dorcas brought me to a church camp where I first heard the Gospel preached to me. But I was not serious about being a Christian, until the year end camp in year 2006, where Dr. Tow preached on the topic “Life in the Spirit.” Messages preached convicted my heart to live for the Lord. Since then I begin to attend church and fellowship meetings regularly. Thank God it was also during this time that my parents allowed me and my brother to attend church.

God was gracious to me during my Junior College days, guiding me and helping me to grow in the Lord. I started to mature in faith and begin to serve the Lord more. I went into the Army in 2009 and it was during my Army days that I truly learnt to trust God. There were many difficult moments in my Army days but the Lord led me through it all. Looking back, I can see God’s hand in molding me and teaching me spiritual lessons.

I am thankful to God for Tabernacle B-P Church, for brothers and sisters in Christ who helped and supported me in my Christian race. I really cannot count all the blessings that God had bestowed upon me – greatest of all being salvation in Christ Jesus. I only pray that I will love and serve God for the remaining days of my life.

Silas Wee Hong Hao

I remembered the first time my brother and I first approached our parents for the permission to be baptized was when we were 16 years old. However, they told us to wait until we finished our national service and until we turned 21 years old. Since then, it has been a long wait of 5 years but I thank God for that. In these 5 years, God has helped me to mature and be serious in my faith.

Aunty Dorcas brought us to a church camp in 1996 and it was my first encounter with Christianity. In subsequent years, I was able to go to church camps and to church on Sundays though not regularly due to parental objections. We are only able to attend the worship service and fellowship groups regularly when we are older.

During that period of time, on many occasions, I felt discouraged and felt like giving up totally. Thank God that He always sends help and encouragement to me through the church brethren and the fellowship groups that I attend (Care & Share, then Shomerim, then Ebenezer). When we were 15 and unable to come to church, 4 kind brothers (Caleb, Amos, Alan Tan and Nick) took turns to give us Bible study. This is just one of the many examples of how God uses His people to help us in our walk with Him.

Over all these years, God kept me in the faith. Without Him, I surely would have strayed away. The church also helped me to grow in faith through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. The fellowship groups provided warmth and support especially in times of difficulties. For all these, I am thankful and grateful. In different phases of life, whether it is studying or in army or even now studying in University, God has taken care of me.

Being able to be baptized, it shows the faithfulness, love and goodness of God. All is in God’s plan and all glory be to God.

Seth Wee Bo Hao

I feel very joyful and blessed that I will be re-affirming my faith today. This would mean that I am a matured Christian. I enjoyed all the Basic Bible Class given by Elder Douglas Ho together with Hong Hao and Bo Hao. As I have a better understanding on reaffirmation of faith like without sacrifices, we cannot be a true Christian. During this period of Basic Bible Class, there were many temptations. My favourite K-pop band was coming to Singapore to hold their very first solo concert. I was very tempted to attend their concert. Though their tickets were expensive, my mother allowed me to go. As I was about to purchase the tickets, I felt guilty because the Lord say, ‘Thou shalt have no other Gods before me’ (Exodus 20:3). And furthermore, their concert would be on a Sunday and if I were to attend, I will miss church worship service. I felt very bad and did not know whether I should buy. I prayed very hard about it. Eventually, I decided not to. Thank the Lord for this temptation period. I hope I can be a even more better Christian in the future and show a good testimony wherever I go.

Brittney Peck Ziqian

I was born in a Buddhist family. My father passed away when I was 2 years old. From childhood, I did not have a sweet memory of a happy family like other children who have both father and mother. I wished I had a father who could teach and guide me along the life’s way especially when I faced trials. Since my father passed away, all burdens were put on my mother’s shoulder. She worked very hard to support the financial needs for the family.

Darkness came upon to my family in 1994 when my mother was seriously ill and the doctor said that her illness might not fully cure. Everything seemed so dark to my family at that time. However, in the time of darkness, God brought the Great hope to my family by sending the Gospel of Jesus Christ to us. My sister was first converted and then she brought me to church. One year later, my mother accepted Christ and her illness was fully recovered. In 1995, I was baptised and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

However, my Christian life has ups and downs, and there were many times I turned away from God and I failed Him again and again. But the mercy of God is so great to me. I am so grateful and thankful to God for opening my spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to realise that I am a great sinner and Jesus Christ is my Greatest and Only Saviour and only He can save me and forgive all my sins. I experience God’s mercy, longsuffering and loving-kindness towards me.

I am thankful to God who has brought me to Tabernacle BP Church since December 2009 until now. I am also thankful for both spiritual and financial support given by the Church during my studies in FEBC. Especially, I want to thank the church leaders who have encouraged and prayed for me especially Elder Ho and Uncle John, Uncle Teck Beng, Sister Shu Ping and other brothers and sisters who supported me one way or another.

I am happy to be a member of Tabernacle BP Church and I pray that I can serve God more fervently with you until our Lord Jesus returns. Amen.

Tran Thi Kim Hoa