Dear Brethren,

Our Church worship service has just completed our study of the Epistle of Romans in the practical applications of true faith found in chapter 12 to 16.  Last week, I concluded the study with the topic of Apostle Paul’s example to follow Christ. We often talk more than what we do in our Christian life. We can teach others the Bible but fail to live it out in our lives. However, it is not so with Apostle Paul as he shows to us in his life from the concluding passage in Romans 15:14 to 16:27. Here are 3 areas of Paul’s life that he was an example to what he wrote in the Romans Epistle.

1. Paul’s Response to God’s Calling

Romans 12: 11, “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.”

Did Paul do what he preached? If we read Paul’s testimony in Romans 15: 14-21, we will be fully convinced that Paul was fully committed and gave his all to answer God’s calling for him to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. In all his labour for the Lord, Paul was humble to give all glory to the Lord. He was faithful to his calling preaching obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ only and never drawing men to himself. Paul never gave up in his ministry despite persecutions and troubles that follow him in every missionary journey. He was always ready to go to places where the Gospel has not reached. Such was the fervent and persevering spirit of the Apostle Paul that we can learn from.

2. Paul’s Ministry in the Will of God

Romans 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Did Paul live his life according to God’s will? Paul wrote of his travelling plan in Romans 15:22-33 in which he wanted to go to see the Roman Christians but was hindered and then he shared he wanted to go to Spain but would need to go to Jerusalem first. The key to all his plans is found in verse 32 “by the will of God.” Paul’s life is always dictated and controlled by the will of God. His plans are always committed to the Lord in prayers. The motive of his plan is always for the Lord to preach the Gospel and to minister to the saints. The example of Paul shows to us that we too can live our lives in accordance to God’s will. This can only happen when we present our bodies a living sacrifice to God and not be conformed to this world. Paul lived a surrendered life to the Lord and hence he could walk in the will of God in everything he did.

3. Paul’s Love for his Fellow Brethren

Romans 12: 10, “Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.”

How did the Great Apostle Paul treat his fellow brethren? If we read chapter 16, we would see how Paul valued people as friends, beloved and co-labourers. He commended and greeted his brethren cordially. Paul was never an isolationist and he truly has the people in his heart. Paul was ever grateful to his fellow brethren who have been kind and supported him in his ministry. Paul has shown to us by example what it is to love one another in word and in deed!

Today we have a responsibility to make our lives count for the Lord and to be an example to others of our faith in Jesus Christ. How is your spiritual life today? What are you doing for the Lord? How do you treat the brethren?

Elder John Leong


Do you sometimes wish that you were more talented with ability to sing very well with a melodious voice? Blessed with the ability that you cannot only lead in singspiration, but sing in the choir and edify so many people with your ministry in song? What does Scripture say?

This passage of Scripture teaches us that we are one body in Christ. AlI the members of that one body are equally important. The Jews are not superior to the Gentiles. Those with many talents are not more important than those with less talents. The rich are not more important than the poor. Neither are the lowly educated inferior to the highly educated. Whether young or old. rich or poor, with a string of degrees or no degree at all, the body of Christ is baptized into one body and all are equally important and valuable to the Lord. God gives different gifts to the members of His body to edify, educate and serve Him.

On this special day, we single out the teachers who teach God’s Word. Besides the pastor, elders and deacons whom God has chosen to proclaim His Word, teachers augment the ministry of the Word to teach to the teens and children. Not all believers can teach, The Holy Spirit gives gifts to all of us and this gift of teaching is given to some of us so that God’s children are well taught in the Holy Scriptures. This would also include a deep spiritual relationship and walk with the Lord as well as an ability to communicate God’s Word to the students. Thank God for good Christian teachers in our churches who teach us. Theirs is truly a work of faith and labour of love for the Lord and for us.

Teachers can play an important role in teaching and inspiring students. Can you guess which person is more important than teachers? Yes, your parents. Parents are rightly ordained by God to be their children’s main “teachers.” No teacher can love and understand you so intimately as your parents who bring you up since you were a baby. Moreover. living together as a family, your communication and relationship with each other would be deeper than any other earthly relationships you have at the moment.

 “Members should have the same care one for another” (1 Corinthians 12:25b).

(adapted from Teenz rpg, July – September 2008, p64)