Dear Brethren,

Today I like to share with you about Kuching Calvary BP Church that I went to preach on 2 Sep after I came back from Kemaman on 1 September 2012. When we serve the Lord, He always gives strength and grace to do it. Indeed His grace is always sufficient for us!

How did God lead me to serve in Kuching Calvary BP Church?

It was in March 2009 that I joined Calvary Pandan to serve in a VBS in Sibu, East Malaysia. There was a need for helpers and I volunteered to serve in the mission team. I met Preacher Ling for the first time who is in-charge of the BP Church ministry in Sibu. He shared to me of his additional ministry in Kuching BP Church, which is another East Malaysia state that he tried to go every week after his Sunday morning worship in Sibu. In the beginning, he had to take a 6 hour coach from Sibu to Kuching. With God’s provision, he can now fly from Sibu to Kuching in an hour.

Preacher Ling told me there is no Preacher in Kuching Church and he would be there 3 times a month and on the 4th Sunday, he would send a tape for them to listen to the message during worship. The Church was very small with only 2 families and one elderly lady. I told Preacher Ling that I could try to go one time so that the Church need not listen to a taped message which is really not easy for the members who are young in their faith too.

When I came back to Singapore, it was easy to forget what I said and the need of the ministry abroad. We are all busy with our daily responsibilities in life. Kuching Church is Chinese-speaking and I have only just started then to learn to teach God’s Word in Mandarin. It is easy to give myself the excuses that I cannot preach in Mandarin and also I do not even know anyone in Kuching to fly there alone. However, the Lord puts the burden in my heart that I must keep my word and I told myself that I would go one time. By God’s grace, I booked the air ticket and flew to Kuching in August 2009, about 5 months after I came back from Sibu.

My first trip to Kuching was not smooth. The plane on Sunday afternoon was delayed and I would be late for the worship service. I do not even know the person who came to pick me from Kuching airport and he would need to wait longer for me due to the delay. Through this trial, I kept praying my trip would be fruitful and I could still preach God’s Word to the Kuching brethren. Thank God that despite the flight delay and the worship service starting later, I managed to preach God’s Word to the Kuching brethren and also have good rapport with them although this was the first time we know each other. After Sunday worship, I led them in the Church Prayer meeting on Monday night. On Tuesday, I flew back to Singapore and rejoicing the Lord has been pleased to use me to encourage the Kuching brethren. It was then that I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me to help and support the Kuching Church ministry that Preacher Ling has been doing alone. From August 2009 onwards, I have been travelling to Kuching once every 2 to 3 months to serve the Lord to preach His Word and to encourage the brethren in Kuching. Every trip means I have to take 1.5 day leave and rushing back to work on Tuesday afternoon after landing in Singapore at around 11am on Tuesday. I want to share that the joy of serving the Lord is worth all the journey and leave taken.

Kuching Calvary BP Church Camp

The Lord put a burden in my heart to help the Kuching Church to grow and I proposed a first family camp for them in March 2010. It was to be an evangelistic camp too to bring newcomers to the camp. Thank God for brethren in Singapore that would come with me to organize the camp. Since 2010, we have organized the annual camp for them till this year 2012 which is their 3rd camp. The Lord is so good to bring newcomers in every camp. The Lord was pleased to bless each camp that the newcomer family would then join the Church. By the grace of God, there are now 5 families in Kuching Church. God is the One who gave the increase while we planted the seed of God’s Word and watered it (1 Cor 3:6).

What is the future of Kuching Calvary BP Church?

The Church is growing and there is a need for a Preacher to teach the members the Word of God and to guide them in their spiritual growth. Preacher Ling is too busy with his own Church in Sibu and is also getting on in age. Who will minister to the people of God in Kuching? I know the Lord will provide. I am only in Kuching 5 or 6 times a year. But God is with them every day and every moment. Surely He knows best and will protect and keep the Church, which is purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, for His own glory (Acts 20:28). I trust and have faith in God to watch over His own flock in Kuching.

Similarly in our own Church here in Singapore, we know God will never leave us nor forsake us. We are a small Church and have limited resources but God is a big God who will provide for us and use us for the extension of His Kingdom. Are we willing to be vessels used by the Lord? Are you willing to sacrifice your time and energy for the Lord? Thank God for using me in Kuching. The Lord can use you too in His own way if you are willing.

Elder John Leong