Dear Brethren,

“The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour.”Proverbs 21:25

The Sin of Slothfulness and Laziness 

The Bible warns against slothfulness and laziness in Proverbs 21:25. A slothful life is a wasted life. It is a sin to be slothful and lazy in the eyes of the Lord. A slothful and lazy person wants all the gains and benefits but would not lift a finger to do anything about it. He has strong desire and wish to do well but his hands refuse to labour and work for it. The Bible tells us that desire alone without labour will kill and destroy him. You can destroy your own life by wasting your time away and doing nothing profitably for the Lord.

A Lazy Christian – An Oxymoron!

Let me say that the term “Lazy Christian” should not exist at all. It is an oxymoron. A Christian who follows the way of the Lord will always be diligent and hardworking. He is never characterized by laziness. He is always seen to be labouring hard and putting his heart and soul in everything that God has called him to do. Have you ever been called lazy by your parents or teacher or even your boss? If you have been called lazy, then it is time to wake up and examine your life. Have you been disobedient to God’s Word by being lazy and slothful and wasting your precious time away without doing anything purposeful and meaningful? May God grant us sincere repentance to put away sloth.

Students – are you lazy?

Today I hear of parents complaining that their children are lazy in school. Homework is not done. They do not bother to revise their studies even when there is a test or exam. Lazy Christian students spend most of their time playing computer games and engaging in social media. Consequently, studies are affected and it shows in the exam results. Lazy Christian students will blame their poor results on their teachers, the difficulty of the exam paper, their careless mistakes etc but never blame themselves for not studying hard for the Lord. How to shine for the Lord in school when you are known for your laziness by your teachers and classmates? We bring shame to the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Workers – are you lazy?

Christian workers often behave like the world to complain about their heavy workload, their low pay, their unreasonable boss and even their poor work environment. Instead of working hard for the Lord in the workplace, they complain more and do their work with a bad attitude of being slothful and calculative. They want to do minimal and expect large rewards and promotions. If you do not work hard to show a good testimony at work, how is it possible to win others to Christ and show them what Christ has done in your life? God has a purpose to put us in our workplace to shine for Him.

Church Members – are you lazy?

Church members are also expected to be diligent for the Lord in our service and spiritual growth. Every area of service that we have agreed to do ought to be done faithfully and diligently for the glory of the Lord. Let none be seen as slothful and procrastinator who would put God’s service of low priority and only to be done when there is free time. Also, our Church must glorify the Lord by being diligent in reaching out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is much to be done for the Lord and His Kingdom. Will you be diligent to witness for the Lord and bring someone to the 24 March 2013 Gospel Worship Service?

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” Romans 13:12

Elder John Leong