Dear Brethren,

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 4

Report from Myanmar after the March VBS was conducted there:

Dear Brother John and Sisters,

Greetings you in the blessed name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God and your prayers, we all here (NLOC) are fine and doing well until today. Praise God. I hope you all are fine and doing well. I and my family and all the children remember you in our daily prayers.

The VBS make us that how to  trust in God, how to pray in our live, how to patient when we have face difficulties and how to work in our live even any body against us so and so.  I also follow up them and they try and work they self, e.g. they wake up they self and praying in early morning, they read and study the Bible they self every day. Before the VBS, I and the leaders have to wake up them, ask to read and study the Bible every day but now no need to ask and they do all they self before we ask. And also they sing the songs every morning and evening.   All the children got many blessings in their live through the VBS.

I strongly believed that God used you for the children’s live (NLOC) how to know the Lord more, how to live in their live according to God’s Will through you( the VBS). They want to live for many people and for the Lord’s Kingdom as Nehemiah live for his people. I am very happy and thankful to the Lord and to you too for the VBS you have done well for the Lord and for the NLOC children. May God bless you more. Thanks. We always remember you in our daily prayers. May God bless you and use you more in the future for His glory.

Yours In Christ,
Brother Thangno
New Life Orphan Center (NLOC)
Yangon, Myanmar

Report from Kathmandu BP Church, Nepal:

Dear Elder John,

Warm Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all are well by the grace of God. And the ministry of Kathmandu B-P Church is going well. Thank you very much for praying for us and ministry of Kathmandu B-P Church. Thank God for Rev. Sachen’s presence with us and encouraged from the Word of God. And we could organize a 3 days Bible Seminar in Kathmandu B-P Church, where our Church members could learn more about Bible and our belief. And we could minister after 6 month the Lord’s Supper, where our Church members (21) people joined for the Lord’s Supper, where Rev. Sachen ministered the Lord’s Supper. Thank God for that.

Date Presider Speaker No. of people Topic
06 Apr 2013 Pr. Rajan Shrestha Pr. Rajan Shrestha 22 A Life that Please God
13 Apr 2013 Pr. Rajan Shrestha Pr. Rajan Shresth 20 Serving the Lord Fearfully
20 Apr 2013 Pr. Rajan Shrestha Rev. Sachen Pradhan 25 Rewards for Believers
27 Apr 2013 Bro. Syam Thapa Pr. Rajan Shrestah 24 True Faith

Please continue pray for the Kathmandu B-P Church. And also pray for the VBS and Adult Bible Seminar of October, 2013. And new tuition class will be begin from 25th May, because new session’s academic of Nepal began just two weeks before. And also thank God for sister Jia Hui, who is helping us a lot, specially helping us in English Service, where 8-15 people join. Thank God for that. For preaching, we are using our tracts, which we have published last year, and it is almost going to finish and new tracts will publish for the evangelism. On Sunday Service, very few people gather and on Wednesday in prayer meeting we gather 3-6 people. Thank God for these all. We continue pray for you, your ministry and family. Thank you very much for your prayer, and financial support.  Only this much for today.

In His grace,
Pre. Rajan Shrestha

What is your Greatest Joy in Life?

An exam results of all “A” grades? A promotion letter from your company? Your favourite soccer team winning the championship title?  Finding a life partner? Going for a vacation? The Apostle John’s greatest joy is to see God’s people walking in the truth. Let this be the greatest desire of our hearts for all to love and fear God and walk in His truth. May our hearts rejoice when we read of such report and our hearts grieved in sorrow to know of someone departing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder John Leong