Dear Brethren,

Blessed Teachers’ Day!

I want to wish God’s grace and joy to all our Worship preachers and Sunday School teachers this Teachers’ Day. We are thankful to the Lord for teachers who give their time and commitment to teach us the Word of God. It is an awesome responsibility to be a teacher of God’s Word for it is the message of eternity that impacts the soul of every student listening to our teaching.  This is exactly the reason why James 3:1 gives this warning: “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation”.  Masters refer to teachers in this verse. Every teacher of God’s Word must serve with fear and trembling lest we receive the greater condemnation when we fail in our duty to teach God’s Word faithfully.

Every Christian is a Teacher!

While most of us may not be a teacher of God’s Word in Sunday School classes, every Christian is still a teacher to someone in some ways. Parents are teachers of God’s Word to your children. Do not shirk away from this responsibility and leave it to the Church. I think as long as you walk along with someone, you are a teacher to help this person in the truth of God’s Word. Hence, every day we will teach someone something. We must desire to teach God’s truth to the person God brings along to our lives through our words spoken and also our life’s testimony.

TEACHER – you have an important role!

T – Teach the Word of God faithfully, accurately and clearly. Spend time first to know God’s Word and let God speak to you with His truth. Teach your students the Word of Life, and not the worldly affairs and philosophies. Teach them God’s truth and not entertain them to make them feel good.

E – Example is critical as a good teacher of God’s Word. Remember your students look and examine your life more than what you say to them. You may not know it but they will say you are hypocrite if you teach them to pray and read God’s Word but you do not do it at all.

A – Affection is to be shown in teaching. Your student wants to feel you really love and care for them even as you teach them the truth of God’s Word. Every student is precious in God’s sight so they ought to be precious to you.

C – Christ alone must be exalted in your teaching. Do not teach hoping for the students to praise you for your eloquence or your care. Teach with only one aim – every student to know Christ better and to exalt His Name in every lesson.

H – Help to offer to your students. Teaching is not just confined to the classroom. Go out of the way to offer help to any students who are in need or who needed encouragement. Be ready to give real practical help to your students. This will make your Bible lesson comes alive to your students.

E – Enthusiasm must be seen in your teaching. Teach with passion, sincerity and joy. No Bible lesson is ever boring and has no application. Every teacher of God’s Word must teach in the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

R – Renew yourself with God’s Word regularly. You can’t be effective in teaching God’s Word if you are not a student of God’s Word to regularly renew and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. Spend time to learn God’s Word through reading Christian literatures, attend FEBC classes, listening to sermons etc.

Pray for all our Teachers of God’s Word in Church and also for each one of us to be devoted student of God’s Word.

Elder John Leong