Dear Brethren,

All praise and thanks to God for a spiritually blessed mission trip to Nepal last week. The Lord is good to help and use me for His glory to serve Him. I can only say that I am His unprofitable servant and all that I can do is by His grace and strength. All glory to the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Underneath are His Everlasting Arms

I would like to share of an incident in my plane flying to Kathmandu, Nepal. It was cruising smoothly in the sky above the clouds about halfway in the journey and there was no report of any imminent turbulence. Out of a sudden and from nowhere, the plane just dropped down literally for about 2 seconds. One can feel your heart literally dropped too and the 2 seconds seem very long. There were gasps of shock from everyone and things started to drop from the seats. In that split second, I caught hold of the chair in front of me and the thought flashed through my mind “the plane is going down”…. praise and thanks be to the Lord that after that 2 seconds, the plane got back to normal mode and started flying.

You can literally see everyone in the plane breathed a sigh of relief and started to smile with thankfulness that all was well. I blurted to my Nepalese Pastor Rev Sachen “Praise the Lord”. In fact, Rev Sychen shared to me some days later in our Nepal guesthouse that he had a nightmare of this plane incident. Indeed the Lord has spared all of us. The pilot did not make any announcement to explain what has happened. One thing I am sure that has happened to me is that when the plane dropped suddenly, God’s everlasting arms are underneath me to protect and preserve my life.

The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms…” Deuteronomy 33:27a

When we walk in the Lord, our lives are immortal till our work is done for the Lord. No one and nothing can take away our lives when it is not in the will of God. The Lord has a work for me to do in Nepal and has kept me alive for His Name sake. On my way back in the plane, I asked the Lord if my work on earth is done already since I have completed the Nepal mission. If it is done, then He can take me Home. Well, there is still work for me to do for the Lord so He has continued to give me life and breath. We must all be ready to be Home with the Lord, for indeed it is better to be with Lord.

“…and to be with Christ, which is far better” Philippians 1:23b

I would like to share this report written by Preacher Rajan who is the preacher in-charge of Kathmandu BP Church.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank the Lord for preserving and keeping the Kathmandu Bible Presbyterian Church. It has been two years passed the established of the Kathmandu BP Church. And it is going well by the grace of God. Thanks a lot for your prayer and word of encouragement. Once again myself and on the behalf of my family and Church would like to thanking a lot for your regular support and may the Lord bless you so much. It was a blessed time in VBS and Adult Bible Seminar last 3 days. Church members have got blessing and strengthen in the knowledge of God by hearing God’s Word in worship service and Lord’s Day service.

Short Report of VBS and Bible Seminar

There were 3 Days VBS for Children in Kathmandu Bible Presbyterian Church, where about 40 children were gathered. It was conducted at 9-12 am morning for them Breakfast and Lunch were provided and 3 Days Bible Seminar for Church members where about 16 church members were gathered at 1-5pm each day.

Elder John Leong Kit Hoong, the elder of Tabernacle BP Church taught 3 days in VBS about the Life of Jesus Christ. It was interesting for children. Elder John taught 3 English songs each day to children and total 10 songs in 3 days. Each day, children could hear about the life of Christ from the Bible. And each day, they had to do art and craft. End of VBS, there were Bible Quiz from the lesson, Girls versus Boys. And final day, three best students were awarded by Elder John. And each student (40) were given T-shirt by Elder John, where it had been written – VBS, Kathmandu Bible Presbyterian Church, Theme: Follow, Follow Jesus! Final day, the children enjoyed by playing various games outdoor. Thank God for those children who were not Christian could able to hear gospel. Please pray for them, who heard the gospel. May the Lord touch their heart and believe in Jesus Christ.

Similarly, Elder John taught in Bible Seminar for Church members on, why are we called a Bible Presbyterian Church? First Day, Elder John taught about the doctrine of the Church and the roots and History of the Bible Presbyterian Church and finally Question and Answer conducted by Rev Sachen Pradhan. Second Day, Elder John taught about the Book of the Bible Presbyterian Church-BIBLE and the Head of the Bible Presbyterian Church-JESUS and finally Question and Answer conducted by Rev Sachen Pradhan. Third Day, Elder John taught about the Work of the Bible Presbyterian Church-SEPARATION from apostasy and the Hope of the Bible Presbyterian Church-second coming of Jesus Christ and His Millennia rule on earth and finally Question and Answer conducted by Rev Sachen Pradhan. End of 3 days Bible Seminar T-shirt was presented to each participant. Preacher Rajan Shrestha and Rev Sachen Pradhan helped to translate in Nepali in VBS and Bible Seminar.

Similarly, Elder John preached on Worship Service (Saturday, 12 October) of Kathmandu BP Church on theme: Winning the Christian Race (Heb 12:1-3), and Lord’s Supper was conducted by Rev Sachen Pradhan and on Lord’s Day (13 October), Elder John preached on theme: Thankful and grateful heart to Jesus, the passage from Luke 17:11-19.  Thank God for Elder John’s labouring for the teaching in 3 days VBS and Adult Bible Seminar. Once again thank God for fundamental teaching and knowing about BP movement. Please continue pray for the Kathmandu BP Church and its ministry.

In His Grace,
Preacher Rajan Shrestha
Kathmandu Bible Presbyterian Church, Nepal

In the mission field, the harvest is truly plenteous and the labourers few (Matt 9:37). Pray for God to strengthen Preacher Rajan and Kathmandu BP Church to preach the Gospel and teach God’s Word faithfully for souls to be saved and believers to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elder John Leong