Dear Brethren,

Writing a Will

Many of us will begin to think of writing a will when we know our time on earth is nearing the end.  We want to make sure all our earthly assets are managed properly and distributed in the right manner when we are no longer around. While there is nothing wrong for a Christian to write a will, what is really more important is the spiritual legacy that we will leave behind for our loved ones. If we work so hard on earth and leave a good amount of money and properties for our loved ones but have neglected our own souls and spiritual growth, how do you think we will be remembered? A successful person? A career-minded person? A workaholic? Let us strive rather to leave behind a spiritual legacy that our loved ones will remember the Lord and seek Him because we have walked with the Lord in our earthly pilgrimage.

Our days on earth are very short. In fact, it is like a vapour that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away (James 4:14). When my daughter was taking her A level this year, I told her that I took my A level in 1981. That was 32 years ago and it seemed like yesterday. I desire to be remembered by my children as a godly father who strives to obey and follow the will of God in my life. I know that I am not perfect but by God’s grace, I will persevere on to walk in His way.

I like to share with you the will written by Dr Tow Siang Hwa’s grandfather. It was written in his own hand on 19 April 1926 in Peach River Garden, Senai Malaysia. This will indeed have some precious lessons for all of us today to leave behind a spiritual legacy.

To my dear children:

When I was nineteen, the Holy Spirit led me to the salvation grace of Jesus Christ. I gave up my sinful ways, and all my desire for the wealth of this world.

When I was twenty-six, I dedicated myself to preach the Gospel. I retired from my pastorate at fifty-eight. Thereafter I continued faithfully to preach the Gospel wherever I went, from China to Malaya and Singapore.

I received my call from the Lord, and I deeply believe that I must conquer in and the devil everyday, over and over again. I praise the Lord that He blesses me increasingly all the days of my life.

I have never tried to accumulate great wealth, but only pray that God will give me the wisdom to lead all of you children to trust in the Lord so that you may receive the true blessing which is Faith in God.

On earth I have no hope. My hope is beyond earth, that one day we may meet in heaven and sing the Song of Victory. As for now, keep good faith with Christ, make good use of what He has entrusted to you by carrying out charitable works.

Put on the Armour of God so that you may withstand the wiles of the devil. Be diligent in prayer to receive the protection of God (Eph 6:10-20).

Our life in this world is like a day’s journey. In one short day the journey is done. If this is so, why then should we crave for many things? Never forget the days of the devastating earthquake followed by the terrible typhoon when hundreds of thousands lost their homes and lives. But our God is always with us.

Keep the Commandments. Honour your parents. This is a most beautiful and precious opportunity not to be missed.

Elder John Leong