A Testimony by Brother Yao Ho
(Originally published in church weekly Vol. 6, No. 28/52, 10 July 2005. Reprinted with editions.)

I had always been antagonistic towards Christ since I was studying in Polytechnic. I was actively involved in voluntary work, thinking that good deeds would lead to heaven. However the Bible says otherwise. Only those who truly believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will go to heaven. I did not believe it then but now I do.

I went to Canada to study for a Computer Science Degree in Acadia University in September 1986. All was well in the first year. I was even on the Dean’s List, being in the top 5 percent of the cohort. During the second year, I continued working hard, but my grades fell somewhat as the subject got harder. In the first semester, I managed to get straight Bs, but for the second semester, things became tougher and I was close to breaking point. Then in late March 1988, a group of Church-going roommates “ganged” up against me, and I started to imagine that they were plotting against me.

I took refuge at a friend’s place and refused to go home. Those roommates behaved badly and were often seducing young ladies. However, they were not plotting against me. It was my own imagination. This caused me to be unable to study or sleep though the exams were near. I was totally miserable, and nobody, including my friends, knew what to do. I was on the verge of cutting my own wrist to prove my innocence, but did not do so only because I was afraid of blood.

Driven to desperation, I went home to survey the situation and work out my final plan. I was really scared and cornered. Then I saw the cross that one of my roommates had nailed on the wall and cried out loudly, “Help me, Jesus Christ!” I felt at that moment as though the Lord had me to defeat my imaginary enemies. I then called one of my Canadian friends, the wife of a retired Professor who was close to me, to help me arrange for a counsellor. I wanted to expose the wicked plot my roommates had planned against me.

The next day, two friends of mine took me to the counsellor and we had a conversation. I then asked to see a doctor who referred me to a hospital where I was hospitalised. The Lord did answer my cry for help, not in defeating imaginary enemies, but directing me to proper medical treatment. Even my close friends had not thought of sending me to see a counsellor or doctor. Had the Lord not directed my footsteps, I would be in deep trouble. Thank God for His deliverance! Nevertheless, my condition made me unable to take my exams. Thus, my brother and father had to fly to Canada to take me home.

My desire to get a degree remained strong despite the changing circumstances, but there was simply no way I could continue studying for a Computer Science Degree with my condition. One year later, I discovered that I could continue with my studies if I switched to a General Science Degree as I would need only one more year instead of two. I was delighted and applied for a study visa. However, I was refused a Canadian Visa because I had wrongly stated that I was suffering from Paranoid Psychosis, a serious mental illness.

God was kind to me. I was able to continue my studies as I could do some subjects by distance learning. Then I ran out of subjects and found some courses too difficult to handle by distance learning. I had a relapse and later attempted suicide twice. However, the Lord saved me and I did not die from overdose of medicine. He is the ever merciful Saviour!

I applied again to the Canadian Immigration for a study visa. This time they approved for I was at that time married for two years. They took into consideration that my wife would be with me in Canada. On December 1993, I flew to Canada with my wife and continued with my studies. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science General Degree on May 1994. It was the happiest moment of my life.

Sometime in 1996, I was separated from my wife after a bad quarrel. I had a China girlfriend for 3 years, but in 1999, she left me. It was then that I had a major relapse. My whole world collapsed again. After recuperating, I started getting interested in religions. I began to be a practicing vegetarian and read up on the Buddhist Scriptures. However, I soon found it impossible to be a practicing Buddhist as I was told not to kill a pest. However, I hate crows and cockroaches, and spared no thoughts in killing them. How could I then be a practicing Buddhist?

It came as no surprise that in October 2000, I came to the Lord. One of my fellow colleagues, who was an Assistant Professor, committed a criminal offence with his maid and was charged in court. I marvelled at a group of Christian colleagues who helped him with his daily needs while others despised him. So impressed was I that I went straight to Dr Boaz Boon, then an Elder of a BP Church, led me to say the sinner’s prayer. He then introduced me to Tabernacle BP Church where I have been attending since then.

While my wife remains and unbeliever, I praise the Lord for His grace to remain faithful to her and treat her better. I believe that as a true Christian, I must in sickness or health, in riches or poverty, in happiness or sadness, continue in my love for her. “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband” (1 Corinthians 7:14) Please pray for us.