TESTIMONY of brother Li Yahui

I was brought up in a Christian family. Though I went to church with my parents, God was just someone whom I knew as the God of my parents. Thank God for His saving grace upon me when I was 18 years old. I was born again in a Christian school. After I was saved, I desired greatly to study His Word and serve Him with my whole life. This desire did not go cold through the passage of time, but grew stronger and stronger. After two years of teaching in a Christian learning centre in Guangzhou, the Lord providentially led me to know about the existence of the Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) in Singapore. Subsequently, God led me to study His Word in FEBC. I thank God for the support of Tabernacle BPC through these years of study, and for the various opportunities to serve Him in the church. I never planned these things, but my Heavenly Father, knows the best, and provided all my needs. Looking back, the Lord’s guiding hand is truly marvellous. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).

How time flies! Five years have passed in a blink of an eye. I am really thankful to God for many things during my stay in Singapore. Thank God for His grace to see me through my study in FEBC. As a non-English educated student, there are many challenges in my study. However, God is faithful. The one who called me has also enabled me to complete my studies every semester. I also thank God for the material and spiritual support I have received from Tabernacle BPC. There were many times when people had asked how I received financial support for studying in FEBC. When I told them that I am supported by Tabernacle BPC, they would ask me how I came to know about Tabernacle BPC. They also enquired about whom I knew in the church prior to my coming to Singapore. My answer is: I do not know the church, neither anyone in the church when I first came to Singapore. Many of them were shocked by my answer. In fact, I was also amazed in the beginning by the willingness of Tabernacle BPC to support someone who is a total stranger. However, I soon found out that this was because of the love which the brethren had toward Christ and His kingdom. Indeed, this sounds strange in the world, even unthinkable and impossible. However, all things are possible in the Lord. This deepens my understanding of God’s love and also my faith in Him. Moreover, I thank God for the sweet fellowship with the brethren in the Lord these five years. I am truly much encouraged and blessed. Lastly, I thank God for all the opportunities I had in the church to serve Him. Indeed, they are part of my education and training as a labourer of Christ. I have learned much through service both in Tabernacle BPC.

I thank God that I am able to graduate successfully from FEBC. One of my main focus now is where the Lord will lead me to serve. At present, my hometown churches are part of the World Council of Churches (WCC). The WCC is a part of the ecumenical movement which promotes unity and dialogue between all the religions. Such ecumenism goes against the Word of God. Therefore, though the pastor in my hometown asked me to serve with him there, I cannot go back and serve alongside him. Where then should I serve Christ? The example of Abraham encourages me greatly. When he received the call and left his kindred and father’s house, he knew not where to go, but trusted in the Lord. Abraham’s God is also my God. When I waited upon Him, He opened some doors to serve in underground churches in China. Indeed, God is faithful. Whosoever trusts in Him shall not be ashamed. At the same time, there is a desire to start a new church that is aligned to the doctrinal position of FEBC, which I embrace. Since there are major differences with other reformed churches especially in the area of eschatology, it is most appropriate to begin a new work. This is the strong desire of my heart. Therefore, I am still praying and waiting upon the Lord. So, please pray for me that I may do His will. The assurances I have in His Word are “my goings are of the Lord” (Proverbs20:24) and “the LORD will perfect that which concerneth me” (Psalm 138:8). May He keep me faithful unto Himself, and use me for His own glory. Amen.


Preacher’s Chat

We rejoice with Bro. Yahui that the Lord has help him to complete his studies successfully in FEBC. Yahui attended the FEBC from July 2011 – May 2016 and graduated with a Master of Religious Education (MRE). He will return to China on June 13. Please pray that the Lord will lead and direct him to do His will.

I am thankful for the brethren in Tabernacle BPC who turned up to support the FEBC at her Forty-first Graduation Service. What a blessing that God has raised a faithful Bible College in such perilous times to train men and women to serve Him in the harvest fields! Do continue to labour in prayer for the FEBC, that the Lord will continue to provide all her needs, and sustain the Board and Faculty with the much needed unity, strength, courage and wisdom to earnestly contend for the faith. Stand firm FEBC!

“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Luke 10:2) We need more labourers in the work of the Lord. If you are interested to know more about the programmes of the FEBC, please obtain the newly updated prospectus from me. Alternatively, you can also obtain a copy from the FEBC Bookroom.

Is the Lord calling you to serve Christ full-time in the ministry of the Word?

Lovingly in Christ,
Preacher Clement Chew