Testimony of Salvation

My name is Wang Shuaiyong, I come from Henan province, China. I am married and I have a son who is two and half years old. I grew up in a Christian family, and I followed my parents to church since I was young. I do not know the exact time when I was saved because I truly believe in Jesus since I was young. What I can deeply remember is that God chastised much in my life.

I became ungodly when I was in high school because I was far away from my parents. I still believe in Jesus but I hardly attended church. I had the Bible but did not read it diligently, nor prayed fervently except during the examination period. After High School, I reckoned that my walk with God needed to be improved, so I went to the Ark School, which is a Christian School in Wuhan. God changed my life there through the reading of His Word and the faithful preaching of the teachers. Every day before the class commenced, we must pray, read the Bible and listen to a short Bible exhortation. When there was a chance to be baptised, I thought I must seize the opportunity. I fasted three days to prepare for the baptism, and was baptised publicly at Easter in 2009.

After hearing many people’s sharing about how they were converted and how God changed their lives, I also prayed to see such changes in my life, but there weren’t any. My heart was not comforted until I read Mark 16:16 two years ago before I submitted my testimony to FEBC. “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” By then I knew for sure that I am saved because I truly believe the Lord Jesus Christ. There was no spectacular experience in my conversion, but that I am a totally depraved sinner saved by God’s amazing grace!

Testimony of Calling to Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC)

Since young, my father had hoped that I would serve God full-time, but I had always declined. One day, when I was in Ark School, I read Romans 12:1 during our Bible Reading Time. “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” Since then, this verse has always been in my mind especially during the quiet moments of my life. In the beginning, I tried to ignore the exhortation, but even after four months, God continued to speak to me through it. Finally, I knelt before God, and solemnly presented myself as a living sacrifice to Him. After praying, peace and joy filled my heart abundantly, and that night I slept very well.

After the Ark School, I wanted to work and serve God part-time, but God always shut the door. It was then that I felt God is calling me to serve Him full-time, especially when I was reading my Bible and praying. However, I struggled with God’s call. After three months of “fight” I surrendered to this irresistible call. This happened in 2010 after I graduated. I called my teacher and told her that I wanted to serve God full-time, so that she need not find employment for me. I thought that she would be very angry, but she was most happy and said, “Shuaiyong, I have waited for a long while to hear this from you. Now there is an open door to serve in ShangHai, but you must depart ShangHai tomorrow. Do not delay!” Then I told my parents and they supported my decision. So I heeded God’s call and went the next day.

I served God full-time in a gospel team in ShangHai. Three years later in 2013, we moved to Kunshan City and we started to build a church. The more I served, the more I felt I needed to be more grounded in God’s Word to serve God better. How could I help others if I have no knowledge of God’s Word? However, this ShangHai gospel team had a low view of God’s Word. I was asked to leave, and so I left and I knew I had to look for a Bible-believing School. Because I felt that I lacked the Truth, so I wanted to go to a School that is very sound and faithful to the Truth! My teacher, who is also Jianwei and Yahui’s teacher, suggested that I come to FEBC. Jianwei and Yahui also highly recommended FEBC as the institution for my theological studies. After finding out more about FEBC, I also invited Yahui to be “examined” by my parents. Both my parents and I thought FEBC would be the right school for my studies. So in January 2015, I enrolled myself in FEBC. Thank God for opportunity to study in a Bible College that stands firm on the Bible, especially in such perilous times.

Brother in Christ,
Wang Shuaiyong