Testimony of Thessa Lagapa (From True- Life BPC)

Thank God that I was able to attend Tabernacle’s Ladies’ Bible Retreat for the second time. It was a retreat where I was able to benefit a lot of needful lessons from, for every aspect of my life–being God’s child, dressing modestly, boy-girl relationships, and even in cooking.

Preacher Joshua Yong spoke from Ruth as it was the retreat’s theme and just like all the others, despite knowing the book already, I still gained in-sights which I’ve never seen before. I learned how we just have to simply follow God. What the Bible says to do, do it. Preacher Clement’s morning devotions were also linked to the theme messages, as they were about denying ourselves and following Christ. All these reminded me that the world should be behind me and the cross before me.

I’m thankful for this retreat, not only for the precious lessons that I’ve learnt, but also for the warm fellowship I had with the other ladies whom I was able to talk to and was encouraged by. I was especially awed at how, despite us being from different churches and ranging in age, we were able to get along so well. Truly, we are all one in Christ. Thank God for this retreat.

Testimony of Theya B. Lagapa (From True-Life BPC)

I am really grateful to God for His timely provision of the Ladies’ Bible Retreat. Last year’s as well as this, have been both beneficial to me because they are always before the start of another new year in my life. Feeding on God’s Word and having such warm fellowship with other Christian ladies are really great blessings from the Lord.

Throughout the study of the Book of Ruth in this retreat, I got to know more of who she really was and how God worked in her life. She was a faithful lady who truly just obeyed what God has already revealed her to do. This was a rebuke to me because recently I have always been thinking of what God’s will for my future is, and neglecting what He wants me to do now – to glorify Him as a daughter, older sister, student, etc. Being consistent with these responsibilities, God will do His part according to His sovereign will.

The morning devotions spoke to me on what it really means to follow Christ. Am I willing to give up my ambitions and plans for my life? Am I willing to follow even when it doesn’t seem favorable to me? I must look to Christ and follow His great example.

Perhaps because there were only ladies, I felt so comfortable being in this retreat. The fellowship which I had experienced was of much depth and there was no “awkwardness” when talking about spiritual things, which I rarely came across. I went back home very refreshed and encouraged to be faithful to the Lord like how Ruth was. Thank God for the Ladies’ Bible Retreat.

Testimony of Shermaine Tan|

Thank God for another year of attending the Ladies’ Bible Retreat. It was truly a blessed time of learning and fellowship with the other ladies whom attended the retreat.

The study on the book of Ruth was refreshing, as we closely examined the faith of a Gentile woman, in a period when the fear of God was gone from the land of Israel. Indeed, Ruth exemplified what it means to follow after the LORD God, and what it means to have faith in Him. Despite uncertainties around her, Ruth had a simple resolute – to trust and to obey her God, the LORD Jehovah. Walking by faith, and not by sight, God’s sovereign providence eventually came to pass in her life. The faith of Ruth stands both as a rebuke and an encouragement to my own little faith. The many times I worried and feared during trials and testings, the many times I failed to simply trust in my God, the many times I grieved my Father in heaven with my disobedience. Woe is me, and how I lacked in comparison with this woman of faith! Nevertheless, I thank God still for the record of Ruth which God has given to us in His perfect Word, that we may learn and grow in our walk with Him. That simple faith, but yet great in many of its exercise, I pray for God’s help that it will be mine.

Many other aspects of the retreat were good blessings from God as we were reminded and spurred on to a life of consecration to the Lord, for His glory, and these were through the morning devotions, film show and dressing workshop. Many bonds were also strengthened in the Lord as we had fun learning how to cook Hokkien Mee (which were hawker-worthy standards); shared struggles; praying and encouraging each other along on our Christian pilgrim journey. Much more can be said about the manifold blessings which I have received from the retreat and it is my prayer that God will bring more ladies to the retreat next year, if He be willing. “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him” (Psalm 34:8).

Testimony of Chloe Wong

I really thank God for the chance to attend the Ladies’ Bible Retreat. Through this retreat, I have learnt many things and have grown spiritually. I thank God for my sharing group in the retreat, as there were women of various age groups, and I was able to listen to their sharings and difficulties, especially of how they had handled it in the light of God’s Word. I thank God too for the fellowship among like-minded Sisters- in- Christ and new friendships which were forged. I’ve learnt from the workshop on “Dressing for the Lord”, that we should dress modestly because our bodies are the temple of God. The morning devotions allowed me to learn that we should be ready to take up the cross and not to compromise our faith, as well as the thematic messages which were a reminder that God is in total control and we just have to simply trust in Him and obey His Word.

1 Corinthians 10:31 spoke to me throughout the retreat because Ruth and Boaz did not do everything which pleased them but what they did was for the glory of God, even when it was an inconvenience. They had also shown a good testimony to the people around them. So likewise, I have learnt that I should not choose to obey God only when it is convenient for me, but to obey Him at all times.

Testimony of Rachel Teo (From Calvary Pandan BPC)

I thank God for the opportunity to share how the Ladies’ Bible Retreat has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. The theme of the retreat this year was a study on the Book of Ruth. I’m thankful to the Lord for how He has provided me this opportunity to join the retreat and through it, I have been personally very much blessed in the following ways:

The retreat allowed me to study and learn so many precious spiritual lessons from the godly example of Ruth, a virtuous woman who was wholly devoted to God. It also gave me an opportunity to reflect and examine my own devotion towards God and the spiritual lessons learnt from the messages.

The retreat also provided opportunities for Christian bonding amongst the ladies through various activities such as the ice breaker games, the work-shops and the cooking session where we worked in teams to prepare and cook a dish. Although it was tiring, but it was definitely an enjoyable time spent in the kitchen over food and fellowship!
Time at the retreat was made sweeter with the sharing and encouragements of like-minded sisters in Christ and being able to pray for one an-other. Looking back, the Lord has so graciously provided in every aspect, and more so the spiritual blessings that we each have received from this retreat. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1