TESTIMONY by Sister Ong Siew Lian for Adult Baptism

Dear all, I am Ong Siew Lian, and I am very glad to share with everyone how I came to believe the Lord Jesus, and also to share why I want to be baptised this Christmas.

Though I do not know God in the past, but whenever I look up into the sky, I always thought there should be a God, but I do not know how to address this God nor know His name. After coming to Tabernacle BPC, I am very happy to hear the sermon every time. I like this church very much and I also like to participate in church meetings and other activities. In the church camp that had just past, we heard the hymn “Now Thank We all Our God”, I was deeply moved by a line which says, “Who from our mother’s arms, hath blessed us on our way”. The lyrics let me realised that even when I was young, before I knew this God, God did not forsake me but had blessed me. Now I understand that God had revealed Himself to me. I know Him and His name, and I want to trust Him, and to obey His Word with all my heart and strength. I pray the Holy Spirit grant me strength and enable me to obey His commandments till I get to heaven. This is also my present hope!

I learn that I have to be baptised in obedience to God, as not doing so would be disobeying God and shows my lack of faith in Him. But was afraid that I will be unable to obey God’s commands if I was baptised. Therefore, there was a delay in the timing of my baptism. At the church camp, a sister gave me a card, on it wrote “Never fear, only trust, look to no man care not what the world may plan. Only look to the Lord, all the way with Him to Heaven.” Seeing the words on this card, I was touched, and understood that I should not fear but only trust. After I learned that faith is the key, and that with faith, God will help me obey His Word, the fear I had in my heart was removed. Now I am rejoicing. I am very happy, and I want to be baptised!