Baptism – Testimony of sister Karen Han

“We are all sinners. If you accept Jesus as Lord…you shall be saved.” Initially, when I heard the gospel, my heart would always reject, doubt and feel unhappy over it. Why must Christians say we are all sinners? Where did sin come from?

In my youth, under the influence of my colleagues and my mother-in-law, all I came in contact with are the rituals of Buddhism and Taoism. Occasionally I will go to church to attend a friend’s wedding or by the invitation of Christian friends to hear the gospel. After my daughter and husband received the Lord Jesus as their Saviour one after the other, I witnessed their change in their conduct.

At the encouragement of Elder John, I tried to go for the worship service every Sunday. I went from going to church once a while, to going to church every week, to worship God and to listen to God’s Word. I know this is the gradual leading of the Lord Jesus. My mother-in-law suddenly decided to move the idols and ancestral tablets at home to the temple. From then on there were less burning of incense and incense paper. My two sons also are not adverse to us going to church for worship. Thank God I can be resolved in my heart and be able to go to church without any hindrance. I have also started to pray and read the Bible. I transferred from English to Chinese congregation as I wanted to better understand God’s Word and the truths as taught in the Bible.

Matthew 5:6 says “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” We must desire to have God’s righteousness in our life. God’s holiness is in our hearts. Only by keeping close to God may we have joy. I learned about contentment, living peaceably with others, to be humble and not proud…all these teachings together with the encouragement from church members, made me decide to receive the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. Please pray that God will be with me, and help me be a joyful and contented Christian.

Baptism – Testimony of brother Daniel Khan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my name is Daniel Khan. I want to tell you about myself and why I want to be baptized. I came to Tabernacle BP Church when I was 9 years old but I did not know the purpose for coming every Sunday.

As the days went by, I started to learn many Bible lessons from Little Ark especially in the past year. I realised the need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Church members also kept sharing to me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Finally, thank God that I came to trust and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ because He died for my sins and He loves all of us. Jesus is the only Saviour and the only way to Heaven.

In the Basic Bible Class that I attended to prepare for my baptism, I learned that God made everything in this world. The reason that I want to be baptised as a Christian is that I want to increase my faith in the Lord Jesus. Please pray for my mother’s salvation. Pray for me that what I have learned in the Basic Bible Class can be applied and practiced in my life. Pray that I can show a good testimony to my friends. Pray also that I can study hard in my secondary school to glorify the Lord. God Bless.

Transfer of Membership – Testimony of sister Ysabel Tan Shiwen

By God’s providence, I was led to Tabernacle BP Church when my sister first invited my grandmother for a gospel service. I was asked to accompany her to help flip the Chinese bible, which was not something new to me. In secondary school, I had attended Chinese congregation service in the church that resided within. It was also where I also received baptism, and little did I know that it would be part of God’s plan for me.

For many years, the salvation of my grandmother had been a burden in my heart. Yet, I felt that I was in no position to share the gospel with her because I had strayed very far away from God. That same day, my grand-mother accepted Christ as her Saviour. I was very overwhelmed, and started to think of my own commitment to God – there were many things holding me back in seeking the Lord again.

I continued to attend church to accompany my grandmother, but my heart was not ready to return to Christ. I was very caught up with the things of the world and what-I-thought-was success at work. But, ‘the LORD looketh on the heart’ and He was very gracious to begin moving my heart. The more I attained, the greater the emptiness I felt within my soul at the end of each night. I tried to ignore it but God stirred my heart even more greatly! I tried to negotiate with God to delay seeking Him, but time and again, He straightened my paths and provided many opportunities for me to do so.

One Lord’s Day, I attended English service. I still remember how uncomfortable I felt waiting for service to begin. In the Lord’s holy temple, I felt so full of sin and ashamed. I started to read the weekly, and in it was Nyssha’s prayer item for me: ‘Pray for her sister’s salvation’. Immediately, I broke down in tears. God heard this prayer, and had been working in my heart for so long. Finally on that day, I repented of all my sins. No matter how many obstacles there were, nothing could hinder me from seeking my Saviour Jesus Christ! I am thankful to the brethren who had also prayed for me.

It took me a while to transfer my membership to Tabernacle. After much prayer and conviction, God has led me to this decision and to honour Him.

Thanks be to God, that I may worship Him in Tabernacle, and for all the love shown, even from our elderly brethren and the children.

As how God has saved me by grace, it is my prayer that my loved ones and those reading this may also receive forgiveness of sins.

“Gracious is the LORD, and righteous; yea, our God is merciful.” Psalm 116:5