(as of 30 September 2018)

Function of Premises Committee
The function of the premises committee is to assist the Session in sourcing and negotiating a suitable place of worship for Tabernacle BPC. This search will be conducted while taking both the short and long-term view.

It is the prayer of the Session that the Lord will, in the future, lead us to a place where we can worship exclusively. Nevertheless, we must always be submissive to the will of God.

Required Facilities (as of 2018)
 Two Sanctuaries for Worship Services.
 100-seater for English Congregation. Optimal size would be 150 (in view of combined services).
 30-seater for Chinese Congregation. 50-seater would allow the Chinese congregation to have some space to accommodate visitors and more members.
 Space for Sunday School Ministries.
 Adult and Youth Sunday School (The English Worship sanctuary can be used)
 Chinese Sunday School (The Chinese Worship sanctuary can be used)
 Tabertots
 Little Ark
 Domestic Helper Ministry
 Discipleship class
 Basic Bible Knowledge Class
 Prayer Meeting (2 rooms)
 Parking space in the premises or nearby estates.
 Storage space either onsite or in the same estate.

Other Desirable Features
 Reception Area for Fellowship and Committee Meetings.
 Accessibility.
 Availability of piano or portal sound (or a place to store these instruments).

Important Guidelines for Search
 The use of the premises should be according to URA guidelines (Romans 13:1-7). The rules governing use of such areas for religious activities can be found under the following:
 Guidelines for use of commercial spaces for religious purposes.
( Business/Commercial-spaces-religious-purposes)
 Guidelines for non-exclusive and limited religious use in industrial premises.
 If Tabernacle BPC is taking over the use of the premises from another religious group, that religious group must render proof that their activities were approved by URA.

Commercial Hotels/Schools/Auditoriums
 Check that the premises are not used for religious purposes for more than 2 days per week (including Saturday and Sunday).
 Check for availability of storage space.
 Check for availability of reception area.


 Churches should not be involved in the Charismatic Movement.
 Sanctuary of the host church should be as conservative in design as possible. The design of the sanctuary must not feel like a pub or an entertainment arena.
 Availability of parking space within the premises (especially for cars who will fetch the elderly/children/those with mobility challenges).
 No demand to participate in any spiritual activity or endeavour with the host church, unless the church is a like-minded sister church of Tabernacle BPC.

Other Remarks

 Always maintain legality and transparency. God’s work must be done accord-ing to God’s Word. We can only serve the Lord if we have “clean hands, and a pure heart” (Psalm 24:4)
 Maintain a Christ-like attitude throughout the negotiations. Let our words be seasoned with salt (Col. 4:6)

Members of Premises Committee
Chairman : Elder Leong Kit Hoong, John
Secretary : Dn Wee Bo Hao
Members : 1. Yeow Yoon Fei, Alan
2. Peck Teck Meng
3. Lai Shiang Shinn
4. Yang Junyi, Desmond
Advisor : Pastor Clement Chew


(Read Pray Grow, September 24, 2018) Text: Psalm 84:1-12

The above is the first line of the refrain, added by Robert Lowry (1826-99) to Isaac Watt’s “Come We that Love the Lord,” so sweet to churchgoers, is borrowed for the title of this Psalm. The sons of Korah are the Levitical choir made up of the descendants of Korah appointed by David to sing in the temple.
Though the authorship of this Psalm is not mentioned, it breathes the spirit of David, whose happiest desire was to build God a House.

Pilgrimages to the Tabernacle were a great feature of Jewish life. Families journeyed together, making bands that grew at each halting place. They camped in sunny glades, sang in unison along the roads, toiled together over the hill and through the valley, and as they went along, stored up happy memories which would never be forgotten.

In our modern context this Psalm is surely expressive of a Christian and his family serving overseas in some foreign country where there is no Church to attend. We have been told such a case in some strict Muslim countries. The only chance of joining in worship was at the embassy of a Christian country. How he longed to worship at his home Church and fellowship with brethren and sisters of the same faith, where Jesus Christ is highly exalted. The House of God is open to everybody, even sparrows and swallows (not in the family of clean birds like the pigeon and dove) are welcome. Any non-Christian is welcome to sit in God’s House to hear the Word preached, but more blessed are they who have become God’s children, gaining a place to stay in His House.

THOUGHT: “How amiable are thy tabernacles, O LORD of hosts!” (Ps 84:1)
PRAYER: May I dwell in Thy House and be still praising Thee all my days, O Lord.