Testimony by Brother Puay Kim Hock for Believers’ Baptism

Hi everyone, my name is Puay Jin Hock, I am very glad to share with everyone how I came to the Lord, why I wish to be baptised and my hope for the future.

I heard of Jesus through my friend. In the past, he invited me to a church in Bedok, but after going for 4 to 5 times I stopped. My niece asked me to go to Changi Bethany Church. They worship on Sunday morning 9am which I felt was too early. Finally, my younger brother Teck Hock invited me to our church, which worships at 3pm. After coming for a season, I stopped for a few weeks. My brother then invited me to the Mid-Autumn Gospel Rally on 15 September, and so I came. After the message, brother Shuaiyong asked me if I want to believe in Jesus, I felt I should believe in Jesus and had the conviction. After which, bro Shuaiyong asked me if I acknowledge that I am a sinner which I acknowledged to be so. He next asked me if I believe that Jesus lived a perfect righteous life on my behalf, and was crucified on the cross for me, and rose again from the dead on the third day, I said I believe. He then led me in the sinner’s prayer and I believe in Jesus. He heard from my brother later that I went to the temple to worship and told me that after believing in Jesus I must not go and worship idols anymore. Since that Mid-Autumn night, I have never been to the temple to worship idols.

After some time, Elder John Leong started the Basic Bible Class with me. During the class, he told me that this Christmas I should be baptised, I replied, “Yes!” I admit that I still need to learn more about the meaning of baptism so that I can understand better. But one thing I am clear, it is that I am not afraid that others know that I believe in the Lord, so I will very gladly be baptised. 

After baptism, I hope I can walk in the light, and no more in the darkness as in the past. I also hope that the Lord may help me improve my life, that I may have life more abundant. And help me learn to be more and more like our Lord Jesus, that I may glorify God even more. Thus, please pray for me! Thank you.

Testimony by Sister Poon Yan Ning, Eunice for Believers’ Baptism

When I was younger, my family was not very religious, but we occasionally went to the temple to burn incense and offer food for idols. However, I had always dreaded it and tried to give excuses to not partake of such practices.

Growing up, I had attended a couple of kindergartens by Christian organisations but I had never really heard about the gospel. My aunt brought my cousin and I to church for several months when I was 11. I did not feel comfortable there and was always reluctant to sing along to the songs in Sunday School, but I tagged along only because I got to spend time with my cousin. Eventually, we stopped attending.

As I moved on to secondary school, a close friend of mine constantly invited me to the Charismatic church that she attends. My indifferent heart towards religion has led me to rejecting her numerous times. One time, I gave in because I felt bad for her. Attending the service at her church was a frightening experience for me. I was really intimidated by what they do. Then again, my heart was hardened and I never thought of going to church again.

The Lord worked in His time and in His way, and I came to know more about God’s Word through Javan. After my A levels last year, I was at a loss. Javan suggested that I read the Bible that it might speak to me. As I had a lot of free time, I started reading the Bible for 2-3 hours a day. To my surprise, I found myself looking forward to know more about God. I attended the Christmas Baptismal Service in Tabernacle last year and the feelings of indifference I had before were not there anymore. I continued to read the Bible every day and God worked in my heart that I had the desire to go to church to learn more about Him, so I texted Sarah if I could go to church with her and she gladly agreed. I genuinely believe that it did not happen by chance but by God’s plan and leading that I am called to be here.

Through the past few months, the love for God, His Word and His people grew in me and now, I want to be baptised to publicly proclaim this love and that I have accepted the Lord as my only saviour from my sins. I thank God that He has allowed me to know Him and I pray that God will also work in the hearts of my family and those who have yet to believe Him, that they may also rejoice in the salvation that He has provided so richly and freely to all.

Testimony by Sister Cheung Tin Hang, Ivy for Believers’ Baptism

My name is Ivy and below is my testimony.

I was raised in a non-Christian faith family since birth. I first heard about Jesus is when I was in a catholic school for a year when I was 18 years old.

I get to know more about God when I know my husband, through the days in our courtship and marriage, he shared to me about Jesus and eventually led me to attend church, however I was still holding doubts and questions towards God back then.

Ever since I gave birth to my son Isaiah, I began to realise that it is true that everyone is born a sinner. This brings me to another level of knowing God and that what is stated in the Bible is true. God has already plan what my life will be and I thank him for what I have and what I am today.

I accepted the Lord to my heart on 30 September with Elder John Leong saying the sinners prayer with me.

Infant Baptism Testimony for Chiang Shi Zhuo, Isaiah by his parents Josiah and Ivy

We are truly thankful to God for blessing us with Isaiah.

God grace and faithfulness have been shown over to us times and times again in this journey of pregnancy, from Ivy daily injection due to Protein S deficiency to the time where we rushed to the hospital while Ivy told me that she could not feel Isaiah movement during the third trimester. Looking back, we have come to realise how finite we are and acknowledge how great our God is.

When many obstacles and anxiety comes along the way in this journey, we thank God for blessing us with many individuals around us whom have been keeping us in their prayer and some whom have also came forward with a helping hand and comforting words.

Do pray for us as we learn to be parent pleasing and acceptable in God’s sight and Isaiah to accept Christ when he grows up.

Lastly, we would also like to thank all church member for your love, patience and understanding with Isaiah especially his blabbing during worship service. We would like to share the following verses which encourage our during times of uncertainty and despair.

Isaiah 55:8-9, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Infant Baptism Testimony for Ler Yi Shin, Benjamin by his parents Amos and Shuhui

We are truly thankful to God for adding Benjamin to our family. Humanly speaking, we were not expecting another addition to the family, as we already have three girls whom we love very much. We were just getting used to taking care of our relatively large family, when we realised that God had blessed us with another baby. It was not easy being pregnant and having to take care of three other children. In the third trimester, I was found to be having gestational diabetes. The possible complications to the baby affected me (Shuhui) emotionally. The very long labour and subsequent emergency caesarean that I had was also a test of my faith. But God is very good and He carried me through all the difficulties. Through all these, God also drew Amos and I closer to Himself and to each other.

As such, we are thankful that we can let Benjamin go through infant baptism. We hope to bring up Benjamin in the ways of our God, praying that he will come and trust and believe in the Lord Jesus at the earliest possible age. This is also the same promise we made for our other children, Arielle, Asherrie and Ashrielle. It is not an easy road and sometimes we fear that we will fail in our Christian parenting. However, Benjamin’s Chinese name 以信 re-minds us that we can only do it by faith. Thus, we will continue to trust and depend on God, who is our strength. Please also continue to pray for our family.

Testimony by Sister Hew Sin Ee, Miranda for Transfer of Membership

I came to know the Lord as a child because my mother was a believer. As such, I had been taught to believe Jesus Christ as my Saviour and God as my Heavenly Father. However, I knew little of why I needed a Saviour. The churches I attended sporadically preached briefly on sin and their emphases have always been on the love of God and the importance of charismatic gifts. Thus, I knew little of the depth of my sins and total depravity. By God’s grace, He did not allow me to stay in that condition. It was the end of JC1 and I did well in school, with relatively good results and was much involved in school activities. This was when I felt a great sense of emptiness, echoing the great preacher, Solomon, “vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” The world and the taste of success could not satisfy the deep longings of my soul for the meaning and purpose in life. Thank God that I knew I had to return to church to seek God. But which church? It was at this point in time that God sent a new friend that I had met at tuition who invited me to True Life BPC. I started attending True Life BPC regularly and God used His word to urge me to surrender my all to Him. Realising my sinfulness, I committed my all to God and prayed that He would take all that I am and have, for His use. This was when I felt a great relief and every burden of my heart rolled away. From then on, I had a great desire for God’s word and loved reading the RPG. Fast forward in time, it has been eight years since and the Lord has been faithful though I have not been. There were many times that I failed and backslided from Him, but God never once failed to bring me back to Him. As God has blessed me with marriage to Hong Hao this year in June, it is also my desire to follow where God leads. It is my prayer to join the family at Tabernacle BPC, to be a blessing and to be blessed by the fellowship of the saints and with the Lord.