Not too long ago, I asked a group of teenagers whether they knew who Lee Kuan Yew was. To my dismay, I received empty stares. They did not know that he was the founding Prime Minister of Singapore. And this was not more than just a few years after his death.

Thankfully, our schools make it a point to remind the next generation of the history of Singapore. We must never forget the spirit, principles and lessons that led Singapore to be what she is today. Forgetting these things will soon lead to failure.

Of even greater concern is the apathy of Protestant Churches to remember the 16th Century Reformation. God raised up these men to earnestly contend for the faith. They strove to put God’s Word into the hands of the people to read in the vernacular. Without them, we would not have this privilege of learning the truth in our churches today. Yet, there is no concern to remember this momentous movement of God. The love of many have gone cold.

The 16th Century Reformers walked in the same spirit as the saints in Biblical history. The acts of these saints are recorded in God’s Word, as a testimony of what it means to walk in faith. Indeed, though they are dead, yet they are still speaking today (c.f. Heb. 11:4). By looking at how the saints of old have trod, we too learn what it means to walk by faith. As the strangers and pilgrims of the earth which had gone before us, they have set a blueprint of how we also ought to walk our journey, till we see Christ.

As we remember the 16th Century Reformation, let us also not forget the 20th Century Reformation. The Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore was in the forefront for this movement. The historical account for the fight for the faith is found in the books which are passed down by the founding generation. We pray that our generation, as well as the next, will remember the history and to walk in the same path. Without the same Reformation Spirit, the B-P movement will soon become a monument.

As we enter the end of the last days, unbelief will grow and apostasy will abound. There is an even greater need to hold fast to the faith, just like the 16th and 20th Century Reformation. Without the anchor of God’s Word, we will be cast about by every wind of doctrine that blows. Let us stand fast in the grace of God till the end. Let us never forget the Reformation.

I will address further details in the sermon today.

Yours affectionately,
Pastor Clement Chew