Testimony by Chow Yi En, Ian for Reaffirmation of Faith

I am thankful to be born into a Christian family and be baptised as an infant, yet I am ashamed to say that I only accepted Christ to be my personal Saviour when I was 10 years old. Going for worship services on the Lord’s Day was just a recurring item in my schedule, until God led my family to Tabernacle B-P Church in early 2018.

God worked in me by leading me to meet fellow brethren through the Sunday School, and surrounding me with doting, encouraging and Bible-believing adults in the church, who embraced my brother Owen and myself.

I learnt a lot from the Sunday school teachers. Because of their faithfulness and resolve to teach us, I would bring home lessons from the Bible stories they impart week-on-week that reinforced in me on why it is important, and how I can maintain a good testimony for Christ.

I am also thankful that God moved me and my parents to take that first step for me to spend my Saturdays with the Ebenezer youths. Admittedly, I have a deep-seated fear in interactions but many Ebenezer youths made me feel at home almost immediately. That had also encouraged me to keep wanting to attend Ebenezer. I enjoy spending my Saturdays listening to God’s Word, engaging in godly conversations about matters that youths generally face, encouraging each other in the Lord, and praying for one another.

I thank God for stirring a desire in me to join the church’s monthly evangelism in spite of my fear of interactions. He is faithful to always give me courage to pair up with a brethren to go door-to-door to share the Gospel with strangers, and even face many unmoved people and closed-doors. I also thank God for Pastor Clement and Sister Yu Jie who send me home after evangelism, whenever my parents and brother were unable to join.

As I reaffirm my faith in Him publicly, I want to thank God for saving a wretched sinner such as myself. Please pray for me to walk closely to God, obey His Word, and seek His will on how I can serve Him.