Testimony of Ler Yoke Xuan, Arielle

I am Arielle and I want to thank God for my salvation and
that I am going to reaffirm my faith. I grew up in a Chris-
tian family. I was baptized as an infant during my church’s
home caroling on 24 December 2008 when I was only
about 1.5 months old. My parents chose this day for my
infant baptism as they were also baptized on the same day
which was 11 years before me.

Being the first child of my parents, they offered me up for
infant baptism in obedience to God’s Word. It was a commitment to bring me up
in the knowledge of God and His Word.
Today, I am going to reaffirm my faith as I have known the Lord Jesus. I am
now responsible for this commitment to continue to follow Jesus in my life.

When I was in Primary 2, I understood clearly that I cannot be saved just by being
in a Christian family. I must believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins
and I acknowledge that He is my Lord and Saviour.

I thank God for my parents and Sunday School teachers who taught me God’s
Word since young. After I graduated from Primary School, I also continued to
learn God’s Word from the Ebenezer Youth Fellowship, Discipleship class and
the Basic Bible Knowledge class.

I pray that I will continue to trust in God. In everything I do, I hope to do my
best and to do them for His glory. God bless!

Testimony of Pamela Ong Mei Wah
Send out Thy Light and Thy Truth

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and left the RCC in my
teens. In 2008, I wanted to return to the RCC but God in His
mercy led me to several fundamental Christian (KJV only)
websites where I finally understood the errors of the RCC. After
months of reading, I was saved on 16 Nov 2008. Thank God for
His gift of salvation!

As I was very eager to share the truth with my relatives, I greatly
desired to be baptized in a church that still stands steadfastly against the RCC. In my
search, God opened my eyes to the ecumenical movement. Finally, I heard about my
late Pastor, that he was one of the very few men who still dared to speak up boldly
against the teachings and practices of the RCC.

I truly thank God for His leading, and for my late Pastor, some Elders and Bible
teachers, from whom I have learnt so much and received godly counsel. These
faithful men have taught me many good doctrines such as the reaffirmation of faith,
the Great Whore, the Bema Seat and more, good doctrines which I still firmly believe
and hold unto today, without any unique deviation nor subtle variation. I thank God
also for loving brethren, and that wonderful privilege and period of service alongside
fellow labourers.

I had been given the impression that the BP church I was in was almost perfect. Years
later, in shock and with much sorrow and pain, I had to leave the church I love, not
knowing where we should go. The new great divide between doctrine and practice by
a few leaders and the impact on God’s children saddened me and made me not want to
even attend any church anymore. Ironically, we were among the soldiers who got
badly injured while in the “safety” of the camp.

All men are created equal and all must one day be judged before the bema seat or the
great white throne. It has been 5 long years, but God is very good. I am not looking
for perfection, but for God-fearing faithful leaders who are trying their best to practise
what they preach.

My decision to join TBPC was established during the pandemic. I was very, very happy
with the BOE’s firm stand on the issue of the Lord’s Supper, which brought me the
peace and closure I needed. I am further encouraged by the care of the brethren that I
have observed, and also the church’s support of other faithful men who are in the
work of the Lord. I trust in the mercy of God and truly thank Him for once again
leading me to God-fearing leaders who lead and serve by faithful example, who love
and feed and lord not over His flock. Thus, I am happy to be a part of TBPC.

With God’s help, may I remain ever vigilant, to “earnestly contend for the faith which
was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 1:3).

Testimony of Ong Ah Choo

I came to know Jesus Christ many years back. However, I did not fully
know the true meaning of believing in Him. On and off I did attend Church
but there is little growth in the faith.

Lately, I noticed the transformation in my son’s life. He reads the Bible to
me when both of us were free. Now I truly believe that Jesus is my Saviour
and Lord. I believe Jesus is the only God, along with God the Father and
God the Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus is born by virgin Mary and He died for my sins. Not
only did He die, He rose on the third day and ascended to heaven and is sitting on the
right hand of God. Jesus will also return one day to bring me to heaven.

I believe that I am a sinner. I used to pray to idols. Now I had been set free. I no longer
pray to idols nor use any incense or attend any rituals that I used to attend. Praise the

Testimony of Tan Chee Hwee

When I was not a believer of Jesus, my son told me that Jesus Christ
was truly God and man. Every time he wanted to bring me to church,
I would reject him. A pastor from church came, he came from
Malaysia to Singapore to work and was able to speak Mandarin. My
son invited him to our home to share with me the gospel. Once a
week during his off- days, he would come and explain God’s Word.
Pastor Wei Hao taught from this book “Light of Life – Family Bible
Study”. “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but
shall have the light of life” (John 8:12). After listening to the series, I began to go to
church to listen to the gospel in English, and sisters in Christ would explain to me. Thank
our heavenly Father for moving my heart to believe in Jesus Christ who is truly God and
truly Man. I received Jesus Christ, and decided to be baptised. But as a Christian, I was
neither cold nor hot. I was doing shift work and had to work on Sundays.

In 2012, I moved to Toa Payoh. My knees were hurting, and I was unable to work. I was
troubled by tinnitus and was emotionally unstable. When I was very weak, I read the
Bible and prayed. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm

In 2016, I had a surgery for my left leg, thank God for His grace in granting me strength,
and being my very present help in trouble. Thank God for His protection and
preservation. I began work again in 2017, as I managed to find one very near home. I also
prayed to God to find a church nearby.

I received the tract from Tabernacle Bible Presbyterian Church. In August 2019, I decided
to visit. After coming to the church, I found that the church had proper order of worship,
was using hymnals, and there was Sunday School after the service. Brethren were all very
serious in the study of God’s Word, they cared one for another and were full of joy. In the
past year, I thank Elder John and Deacon Hong Hao that through them, I learned biblical
teachings. Thank God for their labour of love, and I also thank the brethren in Christ. I am
a part of Tabernacle BPC today, thank God for His leading.