The COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of Singapore early last year.
When the circuit-breaker measures were announced in Singapore, people
were hopeful that the pandemic could be curbed. When things got better,
and vaccines were developed, people were looking forward to things
returning to how it was in the past. And for awhile, things seemed to be on
the way to recovery in Singapore.

From the perspective of the church, what we hoped for was a restoration
of the full expression of worship unto the Lord. We were truly overjoyed
when the church congregation was officially permitted to sing with masks

Alas, the pandemic situation in Singapore took a turn for the worst in
recent days. In just a matter of weeks, we are now back to square one
where live singing is not permitted in religious services. Services are also
limited to 50 unless there is Pre-Event Testing (PET), of which the
maximum permitted will be a 100. Things are looking bleak again.

In such times, it is important to remember what we have learnt from the
Holy Scriptures. We are soon beginning the study of the seal, trumpet and
vial judgements in the Book of Revelation. This pandemic is but a prelude
to these coming divine judgements. Whatsoever is stated in God’s Word
is not fantasy – every one of His prophecies will surely come to pass!

The prolonged pandemic is a reminder of the sovereignty of God. It is a
reminder that despite man’s best efforts to contain the pandemic, the
spread of the virus is ultimately in the hands of God. He is the God of the
pandemic. What God has determined, no man can change. The signs of
Christ’s return are clearly stated in the Scriptures. Thus, as Christians, we
must be ready for tumultuous times.

At the same time, the doctrine of God’s sovereignty is comforting to the
believer. We know that the events of the world will eventually lead to
paradise being restored. Our place in heaven is secured as children of the
Most High God. Thus, the Christian can have the peace that passeth all
understanding which the world can never have.

The next round of measures will test all in the church. However, if we
look to the Lord, and understand that He is the Lord of the pandemic, we
will not panic, nor will we murmur or complain. I will also be praying for

In such trying times, let us all say, “Praise ye the LORD. Praise the
LORD, O my soul. While I live will I praise the LORD: I will sing prais-
es unto my God while I have any being.” (Ps. 146:1-2) All glory be to the
God of the pandemic.


The last week was especially sobering to me as two saints who had a big
impact on my life went home to the Lord.

The first was Elder J T Joseph of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church. He
is the father of Preacher Samuel Joseph who had been speaking frequently
to our fellowship groups. Elder Joseph had frequent physical afflictions.
However, he often pressed on in the Lord. He was diligent in the study of
God’s Word, and godly in his conduct. I will always remember him for
the support and guidance he gave to me as I was growing as a Christian.
Alas, he caught pneumonia while being treated for another condition and
he was called home to glory on 9 May 2021.

The second was Mrs Jemima Khoo, who was called home to the Lord on
11 May 2021. As a pastor’s wife, she has been a great blessing to Yu Jie
and myself. The way the Lord has blessed us through her are too many to
be recounted here.

I would however just like to state an observation I have made during her
fight against lung cancer. Her afflictions would have floored many a man.
Yet she continued to labour hard in FEBC because she loved the Lord.
She cared for the students every day. Yet, there was not a word of
complaint but much joy in her countenance. She confessed that her life is
in God’s hands, and that every day to live, was a privilege to serve the
Lord. She exemplified 2 Timothy 4:7-8, “I have fought a good fight, I
have finished my course, I have kept the faith: 8 Henceforth there is laid
up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous
judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them
also that love his appearing.” This is what it means to be faithful unto the
end. Her last testimony was the best.

Now Mrs Khoo is in a far better place, safe in the arms of Jesus. She will
be dearly missed by many who love the Lord.

As for us, we take heart from the saints who has walked before us. The
question remains – will we be faithful to the end?

Yours sincerely,
Pastor Clement Chew