Testimony of Sakauthala Chellapan

I grew up in a Hindu family with 6 siblings. My elder sister who
became a Christian, brought me to a Church when I was about 21
years old. Both of us were in this Church for about 10 years. I
learned of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this Church. Thank God for
saving my soul as I confessed my sins to the Lord Jesus Christ for
His forgiveness and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour. The
Lord Jesus had died for my sins and rose on the third day, to give
me the victory over sin and death.

However, when my elder sister got married and joined another
Church, I did not follow her. I stopped attending Church and had
backslided. But God was good to allow me to stay in Simei Care
Centre about 14 years ago, and I am working as a cleaner in Simei
Care Centre. Once again, I could listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and the teachings of the Bible. I also attended the monthly Bible
Study organised by Tabernacle BP Church at Simei Care Center but
it was stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I began to
learn to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. This year, I started
to attend Tabernacle BP Church Sunday worship services as well as
the Sunday School classes.

I decided to be baptised as I wanted to obey God’s commandment.
My friend, Blessing, had also encouraged me to be baptised. I want
to trust and to follow Jesus all my life. I also want others to know
that I am a Christian and have believed in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me, as I still face mental health issues, pray that God
would strengthen me physically. Pray for me to grow spiritually, to
pray and to read my Bible everyday.