By Preacher and Mrs James Tan

Back to “Normal” (James)
We thank God for helping us through the first semester as we adjusted to our “new
normal”, that it was without much incidents. After the Covid-19 wave in January
subsided, the government announced the lifting of almost all health restrictions in March.
The daily cases detected nowadays are in mere double digits out of the thousands tested,
with a positivity rate of 1% or lower. Currently, only about 30% of the population are
vaccinated, with millions of expired doses discarded. If one were to show up with flu-like
symptoms at the hospital, a test for the virus will not even be considered. As far as most
people are concerned, the pandemic is over.

Despite this, we are still maintaining a basic level of safety by ensuring that everyone has
masks on during indoor activities, like classes and services. We thank God for His
continual protection. While we hear of many being infected, somehow the Lord has kept
us safe thus far in His mercies. The campus church has also resumed worship indoors, the
choirs restored, and the Saturday fellowship groups have started again.

The Nation
Another pressing concern is the upcoming elections on 9th August. There will be a major
change to the government as the current president ends his term, and the political parties
are fighting hard for positions of power. Daily, the noise of helicopters chauffeuring
politicians about the country would fill the skies, as they travel across the country to
campaign. Meanwhile, food prices are also rising steadily due to the Russian-Ukraine
war, climate change, and other factors.

Do pray for peace. While the last transition of government in 2012 was peaceful, many
fear that there would be an outbreak of violence again, like in the 2007 elections. There
were over a thousand killed in the tribal violence, and many more displaced as the
contending tribes disputed the results.

The College
We also thank God for new students this year, with 9 in the first semester, and another 14
reporting this semester. In total, we currently have 81 students. We pray for much
continued wisdom to teach the students, and to help them both spiritually and
academically. We have some who are struggling hard in their studies, but with a good
testimony and a heart to serve. On the other hand, some are able to study and memorise
well, but lack the conviction, and the application of their studies in their service, duties,
and life. It is a constant challenge to minister to them and train them, from the pulpit and
both within and without the classroom.

Since the last update in January, the Lord has provided for a borehole to be dug. However,
the process of submitting the necessary documents for approval have been difficult. The
college was founded in 1965, just two years after Kenya’s independence. The official
paperwork drawn up in the post-colonial era was not integrated into the current system,
causing some difficulty for us. Although we have engaged legal help in the process, we
still have to pray that the Lord will move the authorities to handle our case with much

Changing Times
A newspaper article published this week featured our neighbourhood, and it was titled
“Mirema estate, the new home of twilight life and noise”. Our neighbourhood is now
described as one of the newest and hottest places for partying and drinking. In the past 5-6
years, the estate has changed rapidly with new hastily constructed apartments going up every
month. Every street now hosts at least a bar and liquor shop, patronized especially by college
students. There are several well-known tertiary institutions around our area, including two
major Pentecostal colleges. On weekend nights, the dance music, screaming, and shouting
from the drunkards on the street can be heard up to 5am in the morning. Occasionally during
the day, loud modified cars would be tearing down the road right beside us, interrupting the
services and classes.

Despite the noise and the changing environment, it serves as a reminder to us of our mission.
The Pentecostal churches surrounding us would also join in the noise with their banging
drums and shouting, being indiscernible from the world. This environment provides a
constant “live” illustration during classes and messages, of how the church fails in its
witness when it becomes like the world.

In contrast, we are much encouraged by a student, who used to be a club disc-jockey, but
repented and answered the Lord’s calling. Today, he studies and serves well, and would
purposely stay in the college during the holidays, knowing of the temptations that await him
outside. Also to our surprise, we discovered earlier this year that his father is also a student
in our certificate course!

Here, we are thankful for some who have found refuge in our college, to be away from the
world. Our hope and prayer is that others too, would find our college and church an oasis by
which they can obtain the living waters of Truth in Christ, and not the “spirits” of the world!

Vacation Bible School [Shermaine]
Thank God for the Vacation Bible School conducted from 14-15th April 2022. The VBS
theme was, “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6: 9-13). This theme was chosen to help the
children understand what they have been reciting during the Worship Service. Importantly, it
was also to teach them Christ’s perfect pattern of prayer given to His disciples. Despite the
holiday season when many families would return to their villages, God sent 68 children to
join us for the VBS. And to maintain appropriate class sizes, we ran an additional 4th class.
Praise God for every soul!

Over the 2 half-days, we sang songs relating to prayer; conducted 4 lessons; provided
tea-break for children and parents who came; watched a video of George Muller; and on the
last day, we organized a tele-match game where the children had to collect puzzle pieces to
form, “The Lord’s Prayer”. We thank the Lord that at the end of the 2 days, the children
were able to remember “The Lord’s Prayer” by heart. We pray that the Word of God which
has been taught to them will truly take root in these young hearts. May another faithful
generation be raised up for His glory in this little part of the world!

A special thanksgiving of God’s providence must be shared regarding the VBS. Initially, we
planned to conduct the VBS last December (2021). However, we made a hard decision to
cancel the VBS just a few days before it was due to happen, as Covid cases were rising at
that time. We could tell that some church members and especially the children were
disappointed. Yet, God is always in control, and He knows ahead what is good for all of us.
We do not usually keep many students on the campus during the vacation. However, in the
recent April’s vacation, we had a record of 18 students applying to stay during the vacation.
Amongst them, quite a few were our trusted Sunday School teachers. God knew the help we
would need and sent them all! God provided for all our needs. As a reward for all the
students’ hard labour over the 2 days, we took them out on a short trip outside the college. This
was God’s refreshing for all of us, before the College opened for the 2nd Term, just 2 weeks

Praise God for His perfect leading and providence. Pray for every young soul to grow in the
understanding of our wonderful God and His perfect Word.

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)