Vacation Bible School Report

(14 to 16 Dec 2022)
By Sister Ysabel Tan

We thank and praise God for the third Vacation Bible School held this year, from
14 to 16 December 2022. The theme of the VBS was, ‘The True Meaning of
Christmas’, which was timely for the children as Christmas was approaching and
decorations were seen around Singapore. Throughout the VBS, the Lord provided

Venue: The Lord provided a suitable place for the VBS to be held at Goldhill
Plaza. The VBS lasted for three days, from morning to afternoon each day. The
space was sufficient for all the activities which included lessons, craft, games, tea
breaks and lunches for all children. We thank God for True Life BPC who
graciously allowed us to use the venue.

Children: The Lord sent many children to attend the VBS. There were a total of
37 registrations – 16 pre-primary children and 21 primary children. Among them,
quite a few were attending VBS for the first time, and there were also many
children from other churches. For a number of children, it was their first time
hearing the gospel. We pray that the gospel seed may be sown in their hearts and
bear the fruit of salvation in good timing.

Speakers: Preacher Cornelius Koshy (Gethsemane BPC) and Sister Crayson
Wong (True Life BPC) taught the primary and pre-primary children respectively.
The primary children were each given a workbook which aided their learning of
God’s Word through interactive lessons. The children were kept occupied with
learning God’s Word even during the tea breaks. The pre-primary children learned
about the origin of sin, the gospel, the birth of the Saviour Jesus Christ and His
second coming, through pictorial aids and mini quizzes. We pray that the children
will remember the Word of God and the true reason for the season.

Helpers: During the three days, a few helpers were not able to make it to serve due
to sickness and exigencies of work. However, the Lord sent additional helpers
each day to support in caring for the children and there were no lack of hands,
from pianists to assistants, buying food and drivers. Many of the youths from
Ebenezer gave of their strength in supporting the VBS, setting up and cleaning the
venue, and were good examples for the children. On the last day of the VBS, both
classes presented praise items unto the Lord. The pre-primary children presented
the hymn, ‘Joy to the World’ and sang of the wonderful first coming of Jesus
Christ, our Saviour. The primary children sang the hymn, ‘When He cometh’,
which was the VBS theme song, in anticipation for the second coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ. Before the VBS ended, the children were surprised with a skit
put on by the helpers which reinforced what they have learnt on the first
coming of Christ. Thank the Lord for the labour of the youths in the skit. May
the Lord continue to work in the hearts of the children who attended the VBS,
that they may truly come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour. May the Lord
also grant us more opportunities to reach out to children through more VBS to

“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come
unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”
Luke 18:16

Taken from J.C Ryle’s Treatise on “Forgiveness”

Let me next give a SOLEMN WARNING to everyone who reads this paper,
and knows in his conscience he is not forgiven. Your soul is in awful danger.
You may die this year. And if you die as you are, you are lost forever! If you
die without pardon, without pardon you will rise again at the last day. There
is a sword over your head which hangs by a single hair! There is but a step
between you and death. Oh, I wonder that you can sleep quietly in your bed!

You are not yet forgiven. Then what have you got by your religion? You go
to church. You have a Bible, you have a Prayer-book, and perhaps a
Hymn-book. You hear sermons. You join in services. It may be you go to the
Lord’s table. But what have you really got after all? Any hope? Any peace?
Any joy? Any comfort? Nothing! Literally nothing! You have got nothing
but mere external religion—if you are not a pardoned soul.

You are not yet forgiven. But you trust God will be merciful. Yet why should
He be merciful if you will not seek Him in His own appointed way? Merciful
He doubtless is, wonderfully merciful to all who come to Him in the name of
Jesus. But if you choose to despise His directions, and make a road to heaven
of your own—you will find to your cost there is no mercy for you!

You are not yet forgiven. But you hope you will be some day. This is like
thrusting off the hand of conscience, and seizing it by the throat to stop its
voice. Why are you more likely to seek forgiveness at a future time? You are
not yet forgiven. But you hope you will be some day. This is like thrusting
off the hand of conscience, and seizing it by the throat to stop its voice. Why
are you more likely to seek forgiveness at a future time?

Let me next give an EARNEST INVITATION to all who read this paper and
desire forgiveness. I know not who you are, or what you have been in time past.
But I say boldly, Come to Christ by faith, and you shall have a pardon. High or
low, rich or poor, young men and maidens, old people and children—you cannot
be worse than Manasseh and Paul before conversion—than David and Peter after
conversion—come all of you to Christ, and you shall be freely forgiven!

Do not think for a moment that you have some great thing to do before you come
to Christ. Such a notion is of the earth, earthy; the Gospel bids you come just as
you are. Man’s idea is to make his peace with God by repentance, and then come
to Christ at last. The Gospel way is to receive peace from Christ first of all, and
begin with Him. Man’s idea is to amend, and turn over a new leaf—and so work
his way up to reconciliation and friendship with God. The Gospel way is first to
be friends with God through Christ, and then to work. Man’s idea is to toil up the
hill, and find life at the top. The Gospel way is first to live by faith in Christ, and
then to do His will.

Come then, willing to receive, and not thinking how much you can bring. Come,
willing to take what Christ offers, and not fancying you can give anything in
return. Come with your sins, and no other qualification but a hearty desire for
pardon, and, as sure as the Bible is true, you shall be saved.

You may tell me you are not worthy, you are not good enough, you are not elect.
I answer, You are a sinner, and you want to be saved, and what more do you
need? You are one of those whom Jesus came to save. Come to Him and you
shall have life. Take with you words, and He will hear you graciously. Tell Him
all your soul’s necessities, and I know from the Bible He will give heed. Tell
Him you have heard He receives sinners, and that you are such. Tell Him you
have heard He has the keys of life in his hand, and entreat Him to let you in. Tell
Him you come in dependence on His own promises, and ask Him to fulfill His
word, and “do as He has said.” (2 Sam. 7:25.) Do this in simplicity and sincerity,
and, my soul for yours— you shall not ask in vain. Do this and you shall find
Him faithful and just to forgive your sins, and to cleanse you from all
unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9.)