Reaffirmation of Faith
Gracious Ong Poh Hua

Forever God Is Good

Amazing love, how can it be? Because His love is always so good, to condescend to sinners like me. I thank God for His work in my life, for His leading and for His ever unending grace and mercies.

I’ve been a church goer since young and in fact was baptized as an infant. However, for a very long time, despite saying the sinner’s prayer as a child, I didn’t quite comprehend the extent of God’s grace and mercies towards men, towards me.

I often wondered why humans should set foot into this world, as life seemed vain, void of much meaning and there seemed to be no lasting joy. I recall a Chinese teacher saying rather cynically that life is a tragedy to begin with because humans live to become old, sickly and ultimately die and I thought he put it quite aptly.

Many years later, when I was about to enter university, one of the deacons in my previous church suggested quite enthusiastically that I should attend the fellowship group there – the Fundamental Christian Ministry. I somehow did so, albeit hesitantly, as I didn’t know anybody there and knew I wouldn’t be used to it. Incidentally, during one of the semesters, the preacher went through the book of Ecclesiastes and I actually looked forward to attending the lessons. It finally opened my eyes to how humans are all empty without God and there is no amount of the things of this world – whether it is riches, wisdom or anything else that can fulfill a man without God and it is only His salvation which men desperately need. We can only find joy in life if we come to God and nothing else. Indeed, my teacher was not wrong to say that life was a tragedy, however we should quantify that – Life would only be a tragedy without Christ, without whom life is indeed vain.

I know I have nothing in me that can ever deserve consideration from God but yet He has not dealt with sinners like me according to my sins but in accordance to His unending love – the highest form which we term as Agape – one that we cannot fathom why He would accord to men so freely.

I’m thankful for how God has led me to Tabernacle BPC and how He allowed me to do my confirmation baptism here. Also, I’m thankful for the people in the congregation who have been extending kindness and fellowship constantly. I pray that we will all continue to grow in the faith and be close to the Lord, always.

The Lord has indeed been good to me all my life, and I know that His grace shall endure forever. Indeed I can say, He is my safe haven of rest.

Transfer of Membership
See Siew Hong

Life? What is life? Why must humans come into this world to suffer? This question kept coming up in my mind. I would always sit at the window and look to the sky thinking to myself – surely, there is someone who created this universe and put everything in place. I always wanted to know who and I said to myself, how good will it be if I could go to church one day to seek the answer to my many questions.

One day, during assembly in secondary school, I heard some of my classmates discussing the place of rendezvous to meet up to go to church on Saturday. I then asked them if I could go along and so I followed them to Life BP Church, where a room was provided for Monk’s Hill Bible Class, which was led by a teacher from the school. I heard the gospel there and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Thereafter, I continued to join them for Bible Study though I attended a different Secondary School as I was very hungry for God’s Word. It allowed me to learn and grow spiritually and I found that all my questions are answered in the Bible. I thank God for sending Jesus Christ to this earth to save sinners like me. Truly, salvation is of the Lord.

Infant Baptism
Puay Ze Yi Lemuel

Firstly, I would like to thank God that my Mummy can conceive and give birth to me smoothly after 6 years as my parents have been trying to conceive. My parents initially wanted to name me starting with the letter A, because of ABC, which is A, Billy, and Cheryl.

They have consulted some names from church brethren. After searching and considering, they decided not to restrict to the letter A but they still would like me to have a biblical name and Mummy chose the name Lemuel, which means, “belong to God”, a king in Proverbs 31 that his mother taught him. As for Chinese, Daddy choose 择義 Ze Yi, which means to choose or following righteousness. The Chinese character is the Lamb of God over me. 義

Do pray for my parents that by God’s grace, they may raise me up in the nurture and admonishment of the Lord and that I may know and confess and believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

Infant Baptism

Noah Chiang Shi Nuo

No words could express our gratitude to the almighty God for His grace and mercy for the birth of Noah, our 3rd child on 29th April 2023.

To many, the first thought of the name “Noah” would be a Big Ark, a great flood and rainbow. Like Moses, we named our child Noah, in relative to what is happening during this current moment. From the Bible, we know that Noah was in the time very similar to the current world we are in now. (Genesis 6:11-13)

Despite us being warned by the Word of God, wars and rumours of wars being reported daily, pestilences alike to Covid-19. Very closely to what is written in Matthew 24:6-8, yet many choose to turn a deaf ear to God’s Judgement on His second coming (Matthew 24:37-39).

示 (Notice/Inform) 诺 (Promise), we are informed through the Word Of God of His coming judgement and His promise to those who believe and put their faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will be saved. (John 3:16)

We would like to thank you for taking your precious time to be here and to witness the baptism of our child. It is also our sincere prayer that you would board the “Ark” after knowing that the true God and Saviour is Jesus Christ.

Appointed Caretakers of Noah Chiang, Josiah & Ivy