Tithes and Offerings: 
Members may continue to return their tithes and offerings to the LORD through the following methods:
1. Transfer via PayNow by using the church’s UEN: T05SS0089DTAB.
2. Transfer by scanning the QR code (using PayLah! or PayNow app).
Please write ‘Tithes Offerings’ for the reference number. Please do not use the above methods for designated offerings except for Church Premises Fund and FEBC (please indicate so in the reference number). For other designated offerings, please contact Elder John Leong directly.

奉献: –

1. 过户于PayNow。教会注册号码: T05SS0089DTAB
2. 过户于二维码。(使用PayLah!或PayNow)

请在参考编号(reference number)输入“Tithes Offerings”,若是指定奉献给教会建堂基金,请输入“Church Premises Fund”。如有其它指定奉献,不要用以上的方法,请直接联络梁长老。