Dear brothers and sisters,

Conflict is something that cannot be avoided in the human life. It happens everywhere even in many Church congregations.

Christianity has to do with man’s relationship with others. Conflicts with others can affect our spiritual lives and ruin our relationship with God.

A Christian’s relationship with God is a two way thing; his relationship with God and his relationship with others. He cannot be at peace with God and at odds with his fellow men but both relationships; the horizontal and the vertical must prove one another. The charge to him to love God; its proof is in his love towards men. The Bible has much to say on man’s relationship with others than on any other subject under the sun. If Christians at variance with one another to look to God; with understanding and applying the revealed wisdom will resolve the many interpersonal problems that have encumbered them. The key to resolve any dispute is to pray for the intervention of God but human responsibility is for both parties involved to keep the lines of communication opened is no less important.

Matthew 5:23, “Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee” is Jesus telling us that the offender has an obligation to go to whom he has offended.

However, in Matthew 18:15, “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother” is Jesus telling us that the offended party is also duty bound to go to the offender. No one must wait on the other to make the first move but both are responsible to make the first move if any reconciliation with each other is to be realized.

The Lord would want us as a Church to walk together in absolute unity for His glory. Unity may be a far-fetched thing to some but not to Christians. It is not only a possibility, but it is the requirement of the Lord that we do everything He wants us to do as a Church. The night before our Lord was crucified He prayed to the Father that His people would be “one” and to ensure that we would have the foundation upon which we may be found in unity, the Lord has promised that His people may be of One body, One spirit, One hope, One faith, one baptism, One God and Father. As believers belonging to the body of Jesus Christ, we may come from different backgrounds and levels but we can all stand on the common ground of faith because of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, if we walk in unity; we are living evidences that Jesus has the power to make the difference in the lives of those whom He touches. Amen.

S is for Serving in a Strange Surrounding

The following are the different testimonies from the youth who have attended the Kemaman mission trip in November 2009. We hope that you will take some time to read the testimonies and feel encouraged to join us in future mission trips!

Sister Esther:

Thank God for the opportunity to serve God in the mission trip. I think it is good to serve Him in this area while I am young and still have energy. I really want to thank God for the many kids who came. It is encouraging to see all the young kids getting so excited about learning God’s Word. I learnt much from everyone else in the mission team, who served God faithfully in their own small areas. I have learnt from others how they handled the children and how to teach young children. God also helped me when I was the teacher assistant. Even though it was just a small duty, I felt that I have learnt from it as well. I thank God for the time spent with the mission team and all the children. It was a beneficial experience and I would go next year. I encourage all of you to go as well so that you can benefit the less-privileged children there and serve the Lord in this area.

Brother Jeshua:

I really thank God for allowing me to go for the mission trip as I was greatly blessed throughout the whole trip. There were many new things I have learnt and I enjoyed the fellowship of the brothers and sisters in Christ. I was especially moved by the generosity of Dr Wee and Mrs Wee as they would go and pick the children very early in the morning. After that, they would prepare food to feed the many hungry mouths. Furthermore, the noise the children made throughout the whole day there was extremely loud; even for a noisy person like me, I could not take it. After the children had gone home, their work did not stop as they had to clean up the house and prepare some delicious food for us! (:

One person that I would really want to thank God for is Deacon Nick. We did not really talk much in church but since I was selected to arrange the outdoor games, we talked a lot more to each other. Without him constantly pushing me, I would not have been able to do the outdoor games. Now, we have a better fellowship after doing the games together and staying under the same roof for a few days.

There was a funny incident during the mission trip. A girl wrote on a piece of paper that she liked me but I did not really like her. I was really nervous as I did not know how to respond. The mission team members all laughed at how I handled the situation.

I will definitely try to go next year and I hope that God will put a burden in your hearts to go along too.

Sister Crayson:

Thank God I was able to go for the mission trip. It was truly enjoyable. Thank God for the safe journey there too. Though I did not really sleep much on the coach due to Nick, who was constantly blowing his nose due to the air con, I had learnt much from this mission trip from Aunt Mei Lan as well as others. Thank God for the food provided by Dr Wee and family. It was not an easy thing cooking for a big group of children,  youths and adults. Thank God for the lessons taught by Aunt Mei Lan. Sitting through the lessons, I seemed to remember bits and pieces of the lessons I had learnt when I was younger.

Though I was only helping as an assistant to the teacher (Aunt Limei), it was a great joy helping too. Getting the gifts for children was a bit tough as I did not really know what the children there liked. Even though I have siblings who are children as well, I would say, their preferences are a little different from other children. I settled for something more practical and I was glad that the children there liked the gifts.

Thank God also for the weather on Wednesday when we had the outing for the children. Through the games planned by Nick and Jeshua, I’m sure the children learnt something and had lots of fun. Throughout the mission trip, I felt that all of us somehow grew closer to one another. Thank God for the puppet show that was performed smoothly. The children there learnt something through the puppet show.

Before we left to take the coach on the last day, we attended Dr Wee’s Church. We presented a song item to the people in Dr Wee’s Church. I was kind of nervous as it is my first time singing in a group in front of many people I didn’t know. It went on smoothly in the end and some of the people there joined in the singing.

Thank God also for the safe journey back. All of us rested before attending Ebenezer. I urge those who are able to go for the mission trip to attend once as it is also beneficial to your Christian walk with God. It is a joy to see younger children accepting Christ and be an example to those around.

Sister Rachel:

Thank God for the mission trip. I have learnt much from it and am grateful to God for the wonderful life I have now.

Life there for Dr and Mrs Wee and the helpers was not easy. They had to be constantly reaching out to new children and preparing activities for them. They also had to let their house get messed up by all the children and pack up when the children left. The adult helpers had to prepare food for the children, which wasn’t easy due to the large number of children. The food which they had prepared was very delicious! I am very thankful for them and hope to learn to give my all for the Lord.

I would like to thank God for my teaching to the pre-primary children during the Sunday school. It was my first time and I enjoyed it. The children were very easy-going and able to understand the lesson I taught them. They also enjoyed the time of learning God’s Word and singing some songs. All glory be to God!

This mission trip had passed like a glance. There are many wonderful moments spent with the children and the mission trip group. We had very good food there, like steamed prawn. I had a good time of fellowship with the people at night during our supper. It’s fun to serve in mission trips and I hope to go again next year!