Dear Brethren,

“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shall find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

Last Sunday I was at Calvary Kuching BP Church to preach God’s Word to the congregation. Thank God for His grace and mercy to this Church that we can minister to. Truly God is good to this small but gradually growing Church. I remembered during the Church camp that we organized for them this year in March, a new family came to join the camp and subsequently they have now joined the Church and actively serving the Lord.

Upon arrival at the airport, when I heard of another new family that has joined the Church, my heart rejoiced in the goodness of the Lord. Truly it is God who gives the increase. What truly amazed my heart was when I met the husband, Jeremiah Teo, of this new family in the Church. He was a teenage student in Singapore that I have shared the Gospel to and he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour then. We lost contact after a while and I must confess I have forgotten about him after more than 20 years.  Lo and behold in God’s providence, we met again in Kuching last Sunday in the worship service. This meeting was an encouragement to both of us that God has not forgotten us even though we may forget and lose contact with each other.

I learned how brother Jeremiah Teo has to go back to Kuching to help in his father’s business. He did not know of a BP Church in Kuching and was attending a Methodist Church in Kuching. In his heart, he longs to attend a BP Church knowing the ecumenical position of the Methodist Church. Recently his University friend from KL came to visit him in Kuching. This friend of his attends Calvary Jaya BP Church in KL and told him of Calvary Kuching BP Church. In God’s providence and leading, Jeremiah is now attending the BP Church in Kuching. Through the wonderful leading of God, I am able to meet my long lost friend and to fellowship together in the Lord. I encouraged Jeremiah to serve in this small Kuching BP Church and be a blessing to the other members. Thank God that Jeremiah joined us in the Church Monday night prayer meeting. It is not easy for him as he has 3 young boys who are very active. Pray for him and his family.

As I reflect this meeting with Jeremiah whom God used me to share the Gospel more than 20 years ago, the verse in Ecclesiastes 11:1 came to my mind. We have an important duty to “cast thy bread upon the waters”; which can be applied in sharing the Gospel to as many people in different occasions and diverse places. It could be a tract given to a stranger, a Bible sent to someone; a mission trip to a 3rd world country etc. For most of the time, we will never know the result of our “little” effort. What is the outcome of the tract given? What is the result of the Gospel being preached to this stranger? How about the VBS effort we conducted in Vietnam? Most of the time, we will not see any immediate result  and we will have left the scene too to know what will follow thereafter for years to come.

But do not doubt the power of God for the Gospel seed that we have sown. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). The bread that you cast upon the waters is not wasted for “you shall find it after many days” as Ecclesiastes 11:1b tells us. I found it in my friend Jeremiah Teo after more than 20 years. I believe for many cases, we will find it in heaven for there will be some people that we may not know or have forgotten but we have actually sown the Gospel seed in their lives. I believe there will be some people from other countries that we ministered to in missions who will be saved and we shall find them in Heaven. All glory to the name of the Lord for souls that are saved!

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we are really spreading the Gospel with the opportunity and resources God has given to us. If we do not cast our bread upon the waters, then there is no way we can find it. Are you so busy with your own lives and cares of this world that you have lost the burden for souls? Are you so concern with the physical things of this world that the spiritual souls of man meant nothing to you?

Our Church VBS is coming on 19 November 2011 (Saturday). If God has brought you in contact with children that you can invite, do not shy away from it. Do not say wait for another opportunity. Do not say these children will not come. Trust God for He will work in hearts. Do your part to invite and give to these children the VBS handbill. Come to the evangelism and give the handbills to strangers who may respond. God can use anyone of us if we are willing. Another opportunity we will have is the 18 December 2011 Gospel Worship Service. Surely we have friends to invite so they can hear the Gospel.

Beloved, take a look at the harvest field. It is white already to harvest. John 4:35. We have already looked too long and too much in our own. Go and cast your bread upon the waters!

Elder John Leong