Dear Brethren,

It is December Month!

The year 2012 will bid farewell to us very soon as we enter into its last month December. It is indeed a sobering reminder of how time flies. Another year will come and go. How many more years do you have? The Bible tells us our life is like a vapour that appears for a little while and then vanishes away (James 4: 14). If 2012 should be your last year on earth, will you end it with regrets? Spiritual regrets are a very bitter thing to the soul. How are we to face our Saviour Jesus Christ who has loved us so much?

If 11 months have been wasted living for self and you have lost your zeal and love for God, let it not be the same for this last month December. Quickly repent today and ask God that your life can be lived with purpose and zeal for Him even in this last month of the year 2012. I would suggest you focus on 3 areas in your Christian life now and pray and work hard towards it to see improvements in them till 31 December 2012.

Salvation of Loved Ones and Friends

This is the month to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to your unsaved loved ones and friends. Give them a Gospel tract if you have never done it this year. Invite them to the Church 16 December 2012 Gospel Worship Service. Share to the unbelievers what is the true meaning of Christmas. Without Jesus Christ, there is no Christmas at all.

Walk Worthy of your Vocation

Focus on our vocation to walk worthy of it. Students must not take their studies lightly and be lazy. Spend your holiday wisely, revise your weak subjects and redeem your time. It is a God-given responsibility to be the best student you can be and to shine for the Lord in your school.

Workers must not work to please men and aim for our own promotion and glory. Do all things to the glory of the Lord Jesus and be kind and helpful to colleagues and lead them to Christ through your care and love. Be a blessing to someone at work in this last month of the year! Home-makers and retirees must walk worthy too to do what God wants you to do and spend more time to serve the Lord and study His Word. There is still one month in December to do all these for the Lord.

Serve the Lord Fervently

How is your service in Church? Many try to do minimal and some are lukewarm in service.  Let us improve on it by being more cheerful and God-focused and volunteer more to be in God’s work. When you see a need in Church and God lays a burden in your heart, do not wait for someone to do it. Take up the task for the Lord and He will help you to serve joyfully. Do it in this last month of the year!

May the Lord help us that we end the year 2012 strongly for Him and give our best to serve and follow Him!

Elder John Leong