Dear Brethren,

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
Romans 10:13-14

Our Church is 26 years old and I believe it has reached some maturity that we should do more to reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank God for our monthly Simei Care outreach, monthly evangelism, twice yearly VBS, 1 May and Mid-autumn Chinese Gospel meeting, quarterly Gospel worship service and missions that we are currently engaged in. We should continue such Gospel ministry and never be complacent as our Lord Jesus Christ told us the harvest is truly plenteous (Matt 9:37). There are still many souls that need the Gospel of Jesus Christ who are heading to eternal condemnation in the Lake of Fire. How can they be saved except someone preaches to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

What are the possible doors of opportunities that we can seek to open to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Singapore? I would like to share 2 possibilities that we can pray and seek God’s will to be involved in.

Gospel Ministry to Foreign Workers in Singapore

Overseas mission trips are short-stint evangelistic effort in reaching out and it is almost impossible to do any follow up work for souls saved. However, God has brought into our land many foreign workers that we can reach out to. I was invited to preach at Calvary Tengah both at their Chinese service and China worker outreach worship in June. They chartered 2 buses to fetch China workers from their hostel every Sunday evening around 5.30pm and provide them with simple packet dinner. After which, the China workers attend the worship service at 7.30pm and then Sunday School classes. There are about 70 workers who come every Sunday and many have confessed their faith in Jesus Christ.

I know that a few other Churches in Singapore have also such a ministry to reach out to the China workers in Singapore. It is estimated there are 200,000 Chinese migrant workers in Singapore. Many are employed in construction sites and are housed in hostels located in various parts of Singapore. In the eastern part of Singapore, I believe there is one at Kaki Bukit and another at Tampines. Opportunities abound to reach out to these China workers. I heard that other religions have also started to go to the hostels to attract the workers to their places of worship. The Gospel ministry is a spiritual work so there will be oppositions and troubles to hinder it. Will we have committed members in Tabernacle BP Church to want to serve in this ministry? I do not know how God will open the door but we need to start with committed members willing to pray and serve.

Gospel Ministry to 4th University of Singapore

We cannot miss out the construction of the 4th University of Singapore which is just a stone-throw from our Church. You can literally see the University buildings right behind the Church. This 4th University is called the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). It currently operates in a temporary campus at Dover Road but will move to their permanent home at Upper Changi Road East in 2015. There will be a few thousand staff and students that we can reach out to and invite them to our Church for worship too. There will be staff and students staying in the University hostels right behind our Church. We have a Gospel debt to share to them of Jesus Christ, the only Saviour for sinful mankind.

We can start praying asking God to use us for this outreach to SUTD. Again we need committed members willing to spend time and effort to evangelise and commit to follow up in this ministry. Who will answer the call of God? I believe the Lord has put us at Changi Bethany Church for a purpose. Reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our neigbouring University surely is an opportunity that God has given to us. I pray we will not neglect this Gospel duty given to us.

Calling for Committed Labourers

Peradventure if there be some readers burdened by God who are willing to give your time and commitment to serve in any of the 2 areas shared, please let me know so that together we can pray and co-labour to extend God’s Kingdom according to His good will and leading.

Elder John Leong