Dear Brethren especially to all Children,

A Blessed and Joyful Children’s Day!

Thank the Lord for all the children in Church. It is a great blessing to see our young ones bubbling with energy and abounding in curiosity. The Lord is good to give our Church young and adorable boys and girls in our midst. Thank God for our Tabertots and Little Ark Sunday School classes that they can attend to learn the Word of God. I want to share the following important spiritual lessons for all our children to remember. I also encourage all parents to read and explain this article to your children to remind them of the importance to personally know and obey the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

God has no grandchildren …

Many of you have parents who are Christians and brought you to Church from a very young age. But coming to Church does not make you a Christian. Having parents who are Christians does not make you a Christian. Knowing many Bible stories does not make you a Christian too. You cannot depend on your Christian parents to bring you to Heaven. Neither can your parents’ faith in Jesus save you. Remember God has no grandchildren.

You must personally believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour in your heart. If you have truly asked Jesus to forgive your sins in your heart and put your faith only in Him, then God will receive you and make you to be His own children. This is the only way you can go to Heaven through Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can save you because He paid the penalty of our sins by dying on the cross for your sins. Have you believed in the Lord Jesus Christ? Today let it be the day of your salvation. Jesus has a special care and love for all little children and He will not stop any children from coming to Him!

Do not play Church …

What is your reason for coming to Church? Do not come to Church to play and have fun with your friends only. Do not come to Church just because your parents bring you here. You must know why you come to Church. The reason is that God has saved you and you belong to Him now. As His child, you want to worship and obey God. The Bible tells you to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Therefore you come to Church every Sunday to worship God and praise His Name. You want to honour God and be faithful to Him. In every worship service, do not day-dream and fall asleep. Be serious and pay attention in the worship service. You can learn as much as any adults if you desire for God to teach you.

Are you thankful for your Sunday School classes in Tabertots and Little Ark? There are many Christians in other countries who do not have such opportunities and privileges to learn the Word of God. You must thank God for your teachers and pray for them. You must be the best student to obey the teacher and learn the Word of God seriously. Your learning must not just be in the mind but also in your heart. Obey the Word of God every day!

Honour your Parents …

If you look at a baby today, remember you were once a small tiny baby. Your parents brought you up with much effort, sleepless nights, tears, worries, and most importantly, love and care. I have seen many children talking to their parents very rudely and turn a black face at them. When you do not get your way, do you throw tantrum at your parents? If you do such things to your parents, you have sinned against God. The Bible commands us to honour and obey our parents (Ephesians 6:1). God gives you only two persons in this world as your parents. They are the closest to you. They love and care for you deeply. Obey the Lord by always honouring them, praying for them, obeying them and showing your love to them.

“Lazy Christian” is not found in the Bible …

To be in school is a blessing that God gives you. There are many children in this world who do not have a school to attend. Yet, it is so sad to see many Christians who are lazy and do not do their homework as a student. Do you know Christians are always known to be diligent and hardworking? This is how the Bible describes a Christian. Whenever you are tempted to be lazy, the Bible tells us to look at the ant (Proverbs 6:6). God made the tiny ant to teach us a lesson to be diligent and wise. The ant is always working hard looking for food and preparing well for the future. How about you? Shine for God in your school with a good testimony by studying very hard to the glory of God.

I pray all our young boys and girls will grow up to be men and women after God’s own heart. Children, may this be your prayer too as you celebrate Children’s Day!

Elder John Leong