TESTIMONY by Brother Lai Sai for Believers’ Baptism
Jesus is God and we must trust and obey Him. I believe in Jesus Christ and He protects me.

Testimony by Sister Geraldine Maria Khan Dabara for Believers’ Baptism
I came to church when I was 9 years old for the VBS. At that time, I did not really know what was church about. As I came for Sunday School, I truly learnt about the gospel. Therefore, I thank God that right now I am going to be baptised.

Although I may sin at times, I am glad I have God with me. I thank God that I can come to church every week and learn His Word. When I learn His Word, it makes me understand more about God’s Word.

I realise that going to church is not about having fun, but learning God’s Word genuinely. I would also like to thank God for 4 years in Little Ark which helped me a lot. By attending Sunday School, I understand the Word of God more.

Sometimes I sin, but I would go back to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. I pray that my faith will increase and love God more. God bless.

Testimony by Sister Hannah Yeow Hsien Le for Reaffirmation of Faith
I thank God that I am able to reaffirm my faith today. I am also thankful to God for preserving me for 13 years of my life.

I was born in a Christian family so naturally, I grew up going to church. However, I was truly saved after I entered Little Ark. When I was still young, about 2 years old or so, I didn’t understand a word the Sunday School teachers were saying. All I could see was that the teacher’s mouth was moving. I didn’t know many words at that point of time. When I grew older, I started to understand what my Sunday School teachers were saying but I didn’t quite understand the spiritual lessons they were trying to teach me.

When I entered Primary One, I joined Little Ark and the Sunday School teacher taught me to recite the Lord’s prayer. As time goes by, I under-stood the meaning of the Lord’s prayer and also memorised it. I slowly understood the Sunday School lessons and even started writing message notes during service and sharing them during Sunday School lessons. After church driving home, my parents would frequently ask “What have you learnt today?”, and I can tell them a few things which I have learnt from the lessons.

Now I am 13 years old. Throughout these thirteen years of my life, I felt the Holy Spirit slowly working in me. I am already joining discipleship class now. The lessons are more detailed compared to Little Ark and Tabertots but I will try my best to understand and remember every bit I can from the lessons. This Easter, I am reaffirming my faith and I thank God for leading and sustaining me all these years. I know that God will continue to guide me and preserve me all the days of my life. God bless.

Infant Baptism Testimony for Phoon Qian Ren Philemon by his parents Nick and Yan Fang
We thank God for bringing Qian Ren into our lives. We also thank God for helping Yan Fang through a difficult pregnancy as she was having bad spells of morning sickness. Thirdly, we are thankful to God for a smooth delivery which was less traumatic for Yan Fang as compared to Phebe.
Lastly, we thank God that Qian Ren was born healthy.

As a boy, we hope he will be big-hearted, understanding, thinking for others and have empathy. Humility as a Christian virtue cannot be over-emphasized. Thus, his name is 谦仁.

May God help him live according to his name and help Yan Fang and I to lead him to our Saviour Jesus, to believe in Him and to follow His lead.