(Summary of Message Preached at FCM Combined Meeting, 11th March 2021)

The Fundamental Christian Ministry (FCM) reaches out to youths who are studying in
tertiary institutions. As such, most if not all of you are in the prime of your life. You are
full of vigour and energy. It seems that the world is your oyster, and you are naturally
excited about what lies ahead.

Many at this stage will begin thinking about their future career – “What will I do when I
graduate?” They dream of doing the things which they see other adults doing – finally I
will get to possess my own house, car, clothes etc. They also begin exploring activities
and various forms of entertainment which were inaccessible to them when they were

It is natural for youths to make preparations for the life ahead. However, how many are
ready for the Second Coming of Christ? You who profess to know Christ, how prepared
are you to meet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords?

Firstly, you cannot be ready to meet the Lord if you are not born again. The people of the
world cannot appreciate the Second Coming of Christ because they are still spiritually
blind. But Christians ought to be able to understand the prophecies of the Scriptures.
Surely, they ought to look forward to Christ’s return! Alas how easy it is for the
Christian to be caught up in the world and to forget all about Christ’s return. In today’s
unbelieving climate, you may even find “Christians” who doubt that Christ will ever
return at all. It is tragic to say the least.

Now as students, you may get caught up in the cares of your assignments, projects and
exams. In such trying fire, it is easy to lose focus on the Second coming of Christ. On the
other hand, the entertainment and other temptations in the world can cause you to be
distracted from spiritual things. And thus, we fall into spiritual apathy, not being ready
for Christ’s Second Coming. We must be frequently reminded concerning His soon

One book that seeks to remind Christians of Christ’s soon coming is the Book of
Revelation. It was written to encourage the Christians in the 1st Century A.D. Many of
the Christians were heavily persecuted under the reign of Domitian. Therefore, Christ
seeks to assure them of the future that all things are under His sovereign control and that
the end for His children is a good one. On the other hand, there were also those in the
churches who were backsliding and complacent in their walk before the Lord (see the
letters written to the Seven Churches). Thus, Christ also seeks to wake them out of their
spiritual slumber by reminding them of the reality of His Coming and the events that
precede His return.

The first thing that must be settled in all of our hearts is that Christ’s return is certain. It
is Christ Himself who testifies concerning His return, and we know that this testimony is
true. Christ is God, and there is no lie in Him. He is “the faithful witness, and the first
begotten of the dead” (Rev. 1:5). Thus, we know His Words are inerrant and infallible,

and entirely trustworthy. If all the prophecies of Christ’s First coming are fulfilled, what
more His Second Coming. These things are all testified in the more sure word of
prophecy, that is, the Holy Scriptures. Are not the signs that point to His return fulfilled
before my very eyes? The COVID-19 pandemic is just one of such signs. Never doubt
the return of Christ. It is certain.

On the other hand, we may say to ourselves that Christ may not return so soon. To
combat this, the Bible tells us that Christ will not only return, but return quickly. This
informs us that the task for us to witness upon this earth is an urgent one. There is little
time to waste. We must hasten to advance in spiritual things, and be fervent in the work
of the Lord.

Now there are many who will seek to advance themselves in their career even at the
stage of their tertiary studies. They seek to be prepared for future employment, hoping
for better career prospects (which often times equate to better pay). But how many will
say, I need to prepare myself for Christ’s Coming. He is at the door. Therefore, I cannot
waste any time and must take up opportunities to study His Word, and grow in spiritual
maturity. We need more youth who are of this same spirit, and the FCM can be at the
forefront in driving this.

Moreover, the FCM also has this as her motto, “My Campus, My Mission Field”. The
task to reach out to our friends with the truth is an ever-urgent task in the light of the
imminent return of Christ. As the FCM, we can do even more in this area. Your
testimony to your friends is important. Let it be one that count for Christ.
Finally, we have the response of the Apostle John to the doctrine of the imminent return
of Christ – “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”. This can also be rendered as, “Yes! Do come,
Lord Jesus.” The excitement of the Apostle over His Lord’s return is there to see. If we
have little taste for Christ’s coming, or even wish that He delays His coming, then we are
in dire need of a spiritual check-up. Why should not a Christian desire to meet with His
Saviour who has loved him so? And yet our hearts are so focused on the cares of this
world with its bright lights that so allures us and pull us away from Christ. Our minds
should be focused on heavenly things and not on the things of the earth. That is how we
can be ready for Christ’s coming.

Dear friends, if Christ were to come today, will you be ready? His coming is certain. His
coming is imminent. Are you excited for His coming? If so, then let us order our lives
aright before the Lord. Love God’s Word and pursue holiness. Be fervent in spirit,
serving the Lord. And as FCMers, your campus is the mission field where this can begin.
Take heart in the soon coming of our Saviour. Amen.