Vacation Bible School 11 Match 2023 Report
by Gershon Yeow

We thank and praise the Lord for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) that we could
have this year on 11th March 2023. The theme of the VBS was on, “Salvation”,
where common questions which children may have about salvation were

Venue: The VBS was held at the premises of Holy Grace Presbyterian Church.
We thank God for providing us with a suitable location with plenty of space for
all the activities including Bible lessons, craft, games for all children. We thank
God for Holy Grace Presbyterian Church who had graciously opened up the
venue for us.

Children: We thank God for 21 registrations this year – 5 Pre-Primary children
and 16 Primary. Among them, were a few who had attended VBS for the first
time and there were children from other churches. There were a few children
who were receiving the gospel for the first time. We pray that the gospel seed
may be sown in their hearts and they may come to salvation in God’s will and

Speakers: We thank God for the speakers who could serve during the VBS-
Brother Kenny Cheong, Sister Thessa and Theya Lagapa who taught the Upper,
Lower and Pre-Primary children respectively. The Primary children were taught
on the account of Zacchaeus, as well as Apostle Paul and Silas. The Pre-Primary
children learnt of salvation, how to have salvation and who can receive salvation.
They were also given activity sheets such as crossword puzzles, which aided
their learning of God’s Word through interactive lessons. We pray that the
children will remember the Word of God and truly come to accept Christ as their
personal Saviour.

Helpers: We thank God for the many helpers who came to serve the Lord by
way of caring for and assisting the children. There was no lack of hands, from
pianists, teaching assistants, food in-charge and drivers. The youths in Ebenezer
Youth Fellowship assisted during the classes and helped in the setting up of the
classrooms. Sister Shu Hui led the children in time of Singspiration and Sister
Sarah led in a time of art and craft, where the children learned about the meaning
behind the wordless book. They even made their own interactive wordless book,
which also acts as a tool for them to spread the gospel to their fellow non-
believing peers. Brother Amos and Gideon led in the time of games where
lessons such as helping fellow Christians and casting away burdens and sins
were reinforced during the games. Sister Arielle and Hannah also led in games
for the Pre-Primary level. Before the VBS ended, the children joined in the Bible
quiz led by Sister Tammy which helped them recap what they have learnt
throughout the VBS. We thank the Lord for the labour of all who served.
May the Lord continue to work in the hearts of the children who attended the
VBS. Do keep their salvation in your prayers. May the Lord also grant us more
opportunities to reach out to children through more VBS and children outreaches
in the coming months.

Rev Timothy Tow (Life BPC Weekly, 23 April 1995)

Many think they can. Not only those from human religions but also those in untaught
Christian Churches. When I was in India many years ago, the son of an Indian pastor
who drove me around thought so. He believed if we gave money for charity liberally,
we could go to heaven. For that belief, he turned to Luke 16:9, “And I say unto you,
make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness, that, when ye fail, they
may receive you into everlasting habitations.

Now this verse has nothing to do with using money in such a way as to gain entrance to
heaven. If we read the parable above this verse which tells us of the unjust steward,
Jesus is simply making comparison between those in the world who cleverly make
friends at the expense of their masters, and Christian who can use their money for God’s
business but do not. Such Christians hoarding for themselves do not use it for any good
cause, so when they die they have nothing to show their Lord. As the Judgment Seat of
Christ (2 Cor. 5:10, 11) when we all must appear to be judged for our works, we have
nothing to our credit. But if in this life we are ready to use our funds for every good
cause, we will be rewarded. Paying our way to heaven is never in question. There is
only one way to heaven, and that is “repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord
Jesus Christ,” (Acts 20:21)

A word to “senior citizens”. Now as we approach the end of our days on earth, and soon
we will appear before our God, what account can we show of the talents He has
committed us? Like in the parable of the three servants, one receiving five talents, the
second two and the third one? Will we be accepted because we have made good profit
for the Master by trading our talents wisely, or will we be condemned because we never
made good use of it? What will we answer Him who so liberally prospered us in this

Using our wealth for God’s Kingdom is only one aspect of His requirement. How we
spend our time and energy is another. Bringing up children is yet another. All we
possess in this earthly life is not our own. We are only stewards, trustees, who must give
an account for everything that we do. O the wastefulness, and luxuries lavished on
ourselves, but we are bankrupt of any good work before God! Paul in his epistle to Titus
three times stresses Christians must “maintain good woks before God” (Tit. 1:14; 2:8;
3:14). This is the neglect of Protestant Christians.