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Topic: Why are there sufferings in this world – is there a God?
Date: 31 August 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 3:00 pm
Venue: 694 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486824

It is an obvious fact that sufferings exist in this world. There are many poor people in this world who suffer hunger and diseases. Many also suffer in war-torn countries. A natural disaster such as earthquake can cause many to suffer death. Sufferings are everywhere around us and it can also come to us any moment through an accident or sickness.

Everyone will ask this question: Where is God in the midst of these sufferings? If He is God, why can’t He stop all these sufferings? Many people will then equate that since sufferings exist, there is no God as He is not there to stop the sufferings.

This assumption is a dangerous one to the detriment of our soul. The Bible has the answer why sufferings exist in this world. The Bible also tells us God is there and in control even in the midst of these sufferings. Come and hear the truth from God’s Word!


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讲题: 如果有上帝,为何世上多苦难?
日期:2014年 8月31日 (星期天)
地点:694 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486824


每一个人都会问这个问题:在这一切的苦难当中,神在哪里?如果他是神,为何他不阻止这一切的苦难?许多人会因此这样的结论- 生命既然有苦难,那么就没有神,因为神没有禁止苦难。



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